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 Louise Carter Group Industry Limited, Enugu was formally established in 1985 after the necessary requirement of the States registrar of companies has been completed with.  As a manufacturing company, Louise Carter Group Industry Limited commence the production of the following live of products:

 i.  Louise Carter Plastic

ii.  Tobacco

iii. Pipe

iv. Weaving

v.  Rice

vi. Lady carter treated Pure water

 Though without a thorough market analysis.  This lapse necessitated the researcher’s urge to find out why in spite of the success, the organization has achieved in the marketing of other products.  That of Lady Carter treated Pure Water seems to be exception.

 Nevertheless, Louis carter Group Industry Limited was producing of the capacity of about low cans from both the morning, afternoon and night shifts but this capacity has reduced as a result of the unmarked ability of the product as attention is therefore paid of other line.

 It could be said with a fair degree certainty that Lady Carter Pure Water could be found in most market, stores, supermarkets in Enugu State.  But in staff competitively on with Panni Treated Water produced by Nigeria Mineral Water Contester.  In spite of the business of the prices of these products, the value of Lady Carter Pure Water, much more than Panni Treated Water.


 The alarming rate of new product failures owing to certain problem yet undiscovered in the marketing of new product in Enugu state has really called for attention.

 Therefore, this research work is to identify these hidden, problems that lead to constant product failures.  If possible device suitable measures providing solution or else the situation will keep worsening as time passes by.

 To a marketers, it is not over statement saying that those problem of marketing new products in Enugu state are also applicable to other areas but the difference may be that those problems might take different shapes and turns as a result of cultural difference.

 Before going into the real investigation of these hidden problem for the purpose of this research, it is interesting to bring to light what makes a new product in its real context, the three categories of new products as identified by this research are as follows:

 I. Product that are of a discontinuous innovation.  These are products that are value and have not been in existence before they require the establishment of a new consumption pattern.

 II.    Products with considerable attention of an existing are designed to fulfill new needs arising from changes in life style.  That is modifying an existing product to suit the changing needs of the society.  And it is classified as dynamically continuous innovation.  For example, Louise Carter Plastic also produced by Louis Carter group.

 III.     Products that are imitation though they are new to the company producing them but not new to the market.  This is real marketing technology which would be referred to as congest innovation.  This is so because it causes absolutely no deceptive on the established consumption pattern the innovativeness is one of introducing variety and possible quality.  New product don’t emerge by accident neither forms design and develop new products for certain reasons such as solution to a perceived problem.  The reasons such as solution to a perceived problem.   The need to remain in business for growth to maintain a desired profit level, to meet up with the changing taste of the consumers and finally, for resources and environment condition reasons.


A problems well defined in half answered and it is natural to encounter problems of marketing new products.

 But my concern is the alarming rates which after lead to product failure and non realization of organizations objectives.

 Therefore, it is because of this highly situation in the marketing of Lady carter Pure Water produced by Louise Carter group Industry Limited, Enugu that necessitated the urge for me to carry out this research.  The technology involved in the rise of Lady Carter Pure Water, is quite complex to new issues of the product and this move of often hinders respect purchase due to their failure to defined and explain the use of product.

 Also the product was not introduced at the right time and it is competing seriously with Panni Treated Water by Nigerian Mineral Water.  Other faults associated with Lady Carter Pure Water after being kept sometime, without use, the water will start to smell and small particles will be seen inside it.

 Therefore, the definition of problem her is the source of problems of the marketing Lady Carter Pure Water.


 No research work aims at attaining a particular objective only, rather achieve the main objective in addition to other subsequent supportive objective. For the purpose of this research the following are the primary motives in addition to others which time and other constraints have impinged upon.

 i.        To fish out the sources of problems in the marketing of lady carter pure  water, in Enugu state markets.

 ii.       To determine the resultant effects of these problems of marketing the product.

 iii.      To initiate strategies by which these problems could be reduced if not eradicated thereby, waging war against product failure and ensuring successful marketing of the product in Enugu state markets.

 To advance effects towards the prevention of reoccurrence of such problems in the future.

 Other social economic and cultural objective that are supportive to the main objective.


My concern is the alarming rates which lead to product failure and non realization of the organizations objectives.

Therefore, it is because of this highly situation in the marketing of lady carter group treated pure water produced by Louis carter group industry ltd, Enugu. That necessitated the urge for me to carry out this research. The product was not introduced at the right time and it is competing seriously with Panni Treated Water by Nigeria mineral water ltd, Onitsha.

Another fault associated with lady carter treated pure water are that after being kept for sometime, without use, the water will start to smell and small particles will be seen inside it. These problems and possibility after suggestive statement that on my own opinion help alleviate the condition to considerable extent.


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