PROJECT TOPIC: Examine the Influence of Teaching and Learning Material/Resources in the Teaching of Accounting in Senior Secondary Schools in Owerri Municipal Imo State

Project Body:




1.0 This chapter is concerned with the influence of teaching and learning materials in the teaching and learning of accounting. The contents covered background of the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, research questions, Research hypotheses, significance of the study, limitation of the study and scope of the study.

  • Background To the Study

The use of teaching materials and resources in teaching and learning play very important roles in education all over the world. According to Tamakloe, Amedahe and Atta (2005, p.60) a teaching material is “a material which a teacher uses to facilitate the learning, understanding and acquisition of knowledge, concepts, principle, or skills by his student”.

Teaching and learning resources in education are the use of equipment and materials that are relevant to motivate, inform, instruct, and present the subject matter to the learner as well as marking learning easier than it would have been without it. The use of teaching and learning material/resources often engages the interest of the students, motivating them to learn and increasing their independence, and personal responsibility. Although it is difficult to assess the effectiveness if the use of instructional resources, some students have reported that the use of teaching and learning material/resources is successful in raising examination scores, improving student’s attitude and lowering the amount of the time required to master certain materials (Kurland 2008). While study result may vary greatly, there is a learning material/resources the use of the teaching and learning at all educational levels.


Teaching and learning material/resources cannot be underestimated in the teaching of all subjects among which accounting. This perception maybe changed with the use of teaching and learning material and resources to promote interest in the subjects. Some relevant teaching and learning material commonly used in accounting lesson include Bank Statements, Cardboard, promissory notes, debit and credit notes, samples of final accounts of organizations. These teaching and learning materials are meant to aid teaching and learning of accounting in senior secondary schools (SSS). According to Martin and Arendale (1994), in spite of the benefits that go with the use of teaching and learning material, They are not used much n teaching in school. Although senior secondary school accounting teachers are aware of the existence of these teaching aids. The instructions seem to be exceptionally slow in adopting the various materials to help teaching of accounting. As such, most accounting teachers fall victims of the description of Nacino Brown, Oke and Brown (1982, p.34). That such accounting teachers are mostly accused of over verbalization because in the teaching and learning.

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