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CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.2            GENERAL BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Effective implementation of organizational policies and procedures in Nigeria business encourages delegation of decision making to business mangers who not sit there as a ceremonialteas rather they have the role of implementing the organize function id management in  to days    dynamic and competitive business environment in Nigeria., this  research work is designed to expose and aid the serious minded mangers to be adequately equipped to face the challenges ahead as future management pensioner in business. Good policies provides definite an clear director by top management and at the same time allow subordinate to make   their own  decision with clearly stated limited. The usual source of policies and procedure in Nigerian business is embedded on manger and it is apartment to note that for a business to retain it position as a “going concernentity, it is imperative that managers formulated polices, plan strategies and also implement those plan effectively for the continued growth and survival of the business enterprise.  This is a major aspect           of a task facing mangers especially in a modern complex business situation. Therefore, to day’s mangers must take into consideration the following measured for effective implementation of organizational policies and procedure in Nigeria business.They must specifically take into account the forces and trends such as environmental, economic, political social psychological technological legal and ethnical factors while formulating the policies that can facilitate the accomplishment of the over all objectives and goals of the business in question of course, if a policy has been formulated but has not been carried out or implemented into action it can not be effective since it has not come to the attention of the employees but it runs the risk of being overlooked or misinterpreted but according to (Akpala 1990: 59) he said that written  policies are more precise and less prone to misunderstanding for effective implementation of organization policies and procedures in Nigeria business to be properly executed the laid down rules guiding the organization must be followed.

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