PROJECT TOPIC: Forensic Accounting And Fraud Detection In Nigerian Public Sector

Project Body:



Background to the Study

Corruption, fraud and other financial and economic fraud and crimes has made it difficult for Nigerian’s to meet her welfare and social responsibilities to citizenry, these evil have assumed alarming proportions and pervasive mismanagement of resources have become the order of the day in public sector. (Okunbor & Obaretin, 2010). According to Okolo (2007), financial crime has become really pervasive and the likelihood of corporate fraud occurring has also become more severe. High level of financial abuse was hindering tax collection, making and enforcement of Law difficult and discourages foreign investment. The wide spread of fraud in public sector have made traditional auditing and investigation inefficient and ineffective in detecting fraud. Oyejide (2008) opined that fraud is a subject that has received a lot of attention both globally and in Nigeria.

According to Karwai (2002), he maintains that the increase wave of fraud is causing a lot of havoc in the Nigeria public sector. This is because fraud has penetrated into every aspect of Nigeria public sector. Okunbor & Obaretin (2010), reported that the spates of corporate failure have placed greater responsibilities and functions on accountant to equip themselves with skills to identify and act upon indicators of poor corporate governance, mismanagement, frauds and wrong doings.

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