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Role of Accountant in Economic Development of Nigeria, it has to do with the role in which Accountant plays in the Economic Development of Nigeria.

The concept of Economic Development has to with innovation and improvement in the quality of life of the people it is about sustained rise in the standard of living of the people overtime, whether in advance or less developed countries, nations, government superiors state of affairs or superiors they currently enjoy.

To achieve this, deliberate efforts are to be made in other to implement people–oriented Policies that would raise their capacity to produce and earn more. This will manifest in the form of growth in the cross domestic product (GAP) of the economy, and extension improvement in the size of per capital income. When this occurs on a sustain basis with positive impact on the citizens, quality of life. Development is said to have taken place.

Since 1960 when Nigeria gained it independence, for instance the place of economic growth and development has not yet meet the aspiration of founding fathers of the nation in spite of the many development and rolling plans that have been meticulously draw up by the government. Although a lot of resources have been committed to the development of some economic projects, the results have been dismal. In fact, that the Nigeria economy is presently in a quagmire, is enough evidence of the failure of past effort to pull the nations up by its bootstrap through the instrumentality of development and rolling plans.

Thus:- the basic thrust of development policies, in a less developed country like Nigeria is to provide as many people as possible with the means of overcoming the helplessness and misery arising from a lack of food, health, education, security of life and property which pose serious challenges to their longevity.

Here lies the justification for the choice of topic which seeks to consider the role of accountants in the economic development.

Firstly, accountant is a person skilled in keeping, examining, recording or inspecting the accounting of an organization or a nation. Accountants plays a very vital role in the development of Nigeria economy. They also contribute efficiently to the development of some business organization in Nigeria example (Nigeria Bottling Company). The role of accountants can never be looked down if the aim and purpose of the country are to be achieved.

According to Agbebiyi (2000), it is obvious that accounting as a scientific process is about provision of financial information needed to take economic decisions particularly in respect of the acquisition and use of scarce corporate resources as well as the elimination of waste in the wealth creation chain. It is this professional discipline that involves systematic gathering classification, recording analyzing, interpretation and transmission of information based on data that are of monetary in nature. Such resources that is the relationship between its assets and liability, the productive activities and profitability of a business a required by owners and managers alike in order to assess the health of the organization and ascertain the changes in the stock of the wealth of shareholders.

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