PROJECT TOPIC: The Role Of Modern Information Technology In The Management Of Business (43374)

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This study examined the role of modern information technology in the management of business, a case study of Access Bank Plc. Based on the set objectives of the study, structured questionnaire consisting of twenty-one (21) closed-ended questions in both section A and B and one open-ended question was developed in section C, and administered one hundred and Seventy four (174) respondents of the aforementioned case study, with which a total of one hundred and twenty-one (121) were completely filled and returned. Hence, the methodology employed the primary and secondary methods (i.e. questionnaire method, interview method, library method).The hypotheses formulated was tested with chi-square statistical method. Hence, from the analysis of the data generated and with the aid of chi-square method, the following findings were concluded. This indicated that employees were favourably disposed towards new technologies in the workplace, while information technology improved business communication effectively in the second result. For the third result emanated from the hypothesis, it was found that information manager possessed business / managerial skills. Therefore, the study suggested that this research work should be more challenging and useful; hence, more research works should also be conducted in order to cover wider scope of the subject-matter.

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