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1.1 An account report consists of items that are contained in the annual report of a company, these reports are also termed “financial statements” these reports are necessary and compulsory in any business organization, they show the true and fair position of such company at a given period of time. They are usually on annual basis and they provide information to the user of the report to give an informed judgement about a company. these report include the profit and loss account, which show the profit that is and for whole year before and after tax and also a profit is to be retained in the business, they also include the balance sheet which is the statement of asset and liabilities included in the financial report are:

  1. statement of source and applications of funds
  2. value added statement
  3. auditors report
  4. five years financial summarize (etc)

Not only the management directing the affairs of the company but also by the shareholders in order to measure the performance of the management needs, these accounting reports therefore, accounting has been defined “as the process of identifying, measuring and communicating economic information to enable  it users to make necessary decision and judgment, public company as it will be throughout this study will refer to public limited liability whose shares are quoted in the stock exchange market”.

          Various users including owners, managers, creditors, government agencies, employees, supplier, tax authority etc are interested in the financial statement of a company. these entire group are interested in the ability of a company to pay its debts as at when due and to earn a reasonable amount of income. These deal concept or objectives of a company are referred to as factors of “insolvency and profitability”. A company who fails to meets the standard expected of him by the creditors on timely basis likely to experience difficult in obtaining credit which will eventually lead to a deadline in its profitability similarly, a company whose earning is lower than those of its competitors is likely to be at a disadvantage in obtaining new capital from stockholders. Accounting report are of great important to any company.

          With reference to the specific problem to be addressed as highlighted below in 1.3 it is necessary to provide a premise for the justification of this study unto usefulness of various accounting report to a company.

          Since accounting report also known as financial report is part of the annual report that is expected of a company i.e. public judgment will be made, it is necessary to undertake this study in order to know how to interpret the various reports and their usefulness for a long time, it has been compulsory to prepare an annual report. From which we have various account reports used by a company in evaluating itself. Thus, this study will attempt to appraise the usefulness of accounting report to the public company and their various interpretation, it would also attempt to know the usefulness of these accounting reports to various users since their objectives are different.

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