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ABSTRACT This research is focused on the effect of transportation cost variation on agricultural produce in Benin city of Edo State. It has been discovered that transportation and socio-economic development are closely related. This is also to introduce students and indigenes of Edo State to the problem and reason for the low standard of socio-economic development in Edo State. The various sectors such as agriculture, industry, trade and marketing, education and health services, forestry and other social infrastructures are aggregated to constitute what is so called socio-economy. It therefore, means that an improvement in this sector will elevate the socio-economic standard of living. Transportation is one of the factor that has a higher degree of relationship to the level of socio-economy development. In other to make clear the fundamental importance and effects of education in the development of socio-economy the study has been limited to agriculture as an agent of development. Furthermore, this study identifies the relationship between agricultural goods or products and transport cost variation. That is the higher the price of petrol that leads to increase in transport cost the higher the prices of agricultural products.


CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUNG TO THE STUDY Agricultural have been a source of help to economy development especially the trend of agricultural product. In time of old, the early men live by agricultural produce through this, food and shelter, food from animals and plant e.g. root and harps are gotten from agriculture to live a healthy life. Nevertheless, this product can be carried out from one place to another by transportation before the arrival of colonial masters (white men) we were dealing with human porter age and animal transportation. Human porter age is the earliest means of transportation system whereby human being transport goods especially on their heads while animal porter age transportation involved the use of animal used, in carrying goods and services from one place to another e.g. donkeys horses e.g. these are commonly found in Northern part of Nigeria, STATEMENT OF PROBLEM This project is aimed at explaining and finding solution to the following, The causes of transportation cost the effect to agriculture the effect for austerity measure on the citizens Nigeria e.g. OBJECTIVES OF STUDY This project is aimed at studying the following, (1) The Behaviours of those who live in Urban areas and rural Areas, (2) The present state of the economy on transportation and agriculture (3) Effect of agriculture on the nation development rate (4) Way of improving the Nigeria economy in the word of transportation and agriculture SIGNIFICANT OF STUDY The purpose of this study is to carry out awareness to the populace on how the transportation cost variation truly affected, firms, individuals and industries. It accepted that awareness is the study will create planning of these set of people that are affected, moreover, when the problem of road transport in Edo state are noted or known, with the help of appropriate recommendation, this will now bring about improves transportation system in Edo state HYPOTHESIS (1) High transportation cost affect the prices of agricultural products in Edo state (2) High transportation costs do not have much effect on prices of agricultural products and transportation cost. SCOPE OF THE STUDY The scope of study consists of past and present situation of the relationship between price of agricultural products and transportation cost. The study intends to cover the following due to limited time and financial constraints. The factor effect production of goods and services, which can be transferred from it was made and where it was needed in other words, the researcher is sure to know and bring out the prospect of transportation in various economy. In conclusion, some important answers to problems of transportation and its effect on agricultural will be listed DEFINITION OF TERMS Development: to grow larger more mature or fully organized e.g. Agricultural products: food items brought from the farm cultivation of the soil Populace: the general public Escalation: carrying of goods and products from one place to another Pre-requisite: thing needed as a condition Socio-economy: this relates to electricity, water, telephone, telex, e.g. for maximum use/utility.

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