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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study

The importance of automobile transportation Nigeria today cannot be over-emphasized. It is an intrinsic part of the economy of the nation without which many of its arms would inevitably grind to a halt or least encounter some disruptions of their services. Hence it became imperative to look into that segment of the automobile industry that deals with its maintenance, especially with the extremely inflated prices of cars today which makes replacement very expensive.

The automotive industry is one of the world’s largest industries that is in its general sense. It includes the manufacturers, independent wholesalers, heavy duty distributors etc. who manufacture and distribute automotive parts, tools, equipment refinished materials. However, this project centers on the maintenance aspects, comprising of repairs and services as well as cars refurbishment scheme.

Owerri, being the location of this project is the capital ofImo state. The people of the area are enterprising in nature, there are also a plethora of auto care centers foundwithin the city. This project is aimed at providing the city and its environs with a coordinated and comprehensive automobile care center.

1.2 Project Definition

A comprehensive Auto Care Center is large establishment / workshop where automobiles are repaired and maintained by auto mechanics and technicians.

1.3 Statement of Problem

1.3.1  Architectural Problems

  • The architectural problem being undertaken here is to design a functional auto care center, dealing with the

harmonization of repair and maintenance activities, and the separation of non-technical activities from the administrative functions.

  • Space and circulation within the workshop during repairs is also considered.

1.3.2 Social Problem

  • There exist the problem ofpaucity of comprehensive auto care centers for residents of Owerri and its environs to repair their faulty cars.Therebynecessitating those desirous of such services to travel far distances into the city to obtain high end car care services. With the presence of the care center residents will be able to repair their cars according to their manufacturers schedule and at affordable rates.

1.4 Aim and Objectives

This project is aimed at designing an ultra-modern automobile care center to provide the motorists in city withqualitativeautomobile care services. This will be achieved in a functional, decent and safety-compliant environment;which will not only improve the service and efficiency but also rid the town of the menace of the dirty, unsightly and dangerous conditions offered by the poorly equipped road-side mechanics in their workshops.


  • To make provision for a comprehensive automobile care center where modern innovation in automobiles shall be effectively and efficiently maintained.
  • To provide automobile maintenance and service with high functionality and sophisticated operations at the most minimal cost.

1.5 Justification

The outcome of this study will highlight the importance of comprehensive auto care center and will provide an in-depth guide for various persons and groups involved in automobile repairs in Nigeria. The proposed design of a comprehensive auto care centerwill reflect today’s trends of architectural design as well as the use of Green Architecture.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The design report of this project “comprehensive auto care center” being proposed here will cater for motor cars, other heavy commercial vehicles like trailers, trucks and articulated vehicles are not considered in this proposed project due to nature of those vehicles and their spatial requirements. The center will consist for the following component units:

  1. a) Administrative unit with offices and meeting rooms.
  2. b) Service department to comprise of the workshop units.
  3. c) Vehicles recovery and towing facilities units.
  4. d) And other facilities deemed necessary during the course of carrying out case studies and the actual deign e.g clinic.

1.7 Research Limitation

  • The gathering of relevant safety educational materials used for the research.
  • The difficulty in obtaining relevantinformation in architectural journals from text books in the school library.
  • The inadequate time frame for research on the project work was not enough in spite of the academic activities.
  • Inadequate information and call up from places of case studies.

1.8     Definition Of Terms

  1. Automobile: This is a wheeled self-powered motor vehicle used for transportation of human and goods.
  2. Auto body repairs: These are the repairs done on cars in order to restore vehicles complete appearance.

iii.      General workshop: This is a comprehensive service unit that features all general repair works done on cars.

  1. Spray booth: This is an enclosed structure or compartment which enables the painter paint a car in

a stable warm weather condition.

  1. Parts and accessories: This is a section thatdeals with all genuine and verified parts of all cars which are mostly supplied from both local and overseas supplier.

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