PROJECT TOPIC: The Roles of Landscaping in Campus Space Management in Nigeria

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The aesthetic quality of most of the universities’ campus environment in Nigeria de- serves attention considering the inadequate, misused and mismanagement of the campuses’ open spaces. This has exerted a major strain on the welfare and productiv- ity of people (staff and students) in the universities. This study identifies the evolving positive roles of landscape in campus space management with a particular reference to the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Random sampling method was adopted to collect data and information from the students, staff and heads of Plan- ning and Horticulture Units of the institution. The results show that, challenges fac- ing landscape planning in the university include inadequate finance, inadequate fa- cilities, management problem and attitudinal problem of landscape users. The study recommends proper use and management of open space, landscape elements, out- door rooms with various spatial qualities, and provision of enough funds to Planning and Horticulture units for landscape planning and environmental improvements.

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