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1.1 Background of the Study

There is a great change witness today as a result of technological evolution, this evolution has touched every aspect of people’s life, and the banks are not left out. They have adopted this new height of technology through the use of electronic banking (e-banking).

In Nigeria the evolution of electronic banking (e-banking) was pioneered by small, new generation banks which started with the use of automatic teller machine (ATM) and later included telephone banking, direct bill payment, electronic fund transfer and online banking. These services offered by e-banks are changing and being improved because of the intense competition between banks and government policies.


The use of electronic banking system by banks has made banks to introduce new services products to satisfy the needs and desires of their customers. Banks started having heavy competition which was not common in the 1980s and the early 1990s. E-banking has result to changes in the characteristics of customers as a result of difference in e-banking and traditional banking. These characteristics prompt people and organizations in the country to have changes in their banking activities.

This various characteristics that emerge are either negative or positive towards the satisfaction of the customer on the service/product delivered. This evolution of e-banking prompt the emergence of newer banking services which are completely different from the service obtained in the traditional banking service to satisfy the customer with desired service.

This study will focus on the customer satisfaction of e-banking service of the First bank Nig. Plc. which was established in 1894 and the oldest bank in the country, the Jimeta-Yola main Branch of the First bank NigPlc. will be used as a case study. First bank NigPlc. Jimeta –Yola adopted e-banking with ATM in the year 2002 and has later introduce more e-banking services such as telephone-banking, direct bill payment, electronic fund transfer and online banking.


Currently the bank does not allow the withdrawal of cash of less than N100, 000.00 on counter from its cashiers, within the banking hall. These is due to the up-grading of their ATM cards from the magnetic stripe to the Euro-visa-master card standard (verve card), as it is more fraud resistant, and reduce long queues among many other reasons.

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