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The study as the title indicate ‘the need for regular manpower training programme in financial institution”.

With a particular reference to First Bank PLC at Enugu State main branch office.  It is expected that the reader of this study would after going through has an idea to the effort of this programmes to the success of First Banks Plc.

Ever since 1892, when African Banking co-operation made a debate on Nigeria financial institution. It could be traced back in century with the establishment of the British Bank for West Africa (now First Bank Plc) in August 1894 in Lagos.

Before the advance of the electronic banking people were making use of manual operation in  banking sectors. There were a lot of difficulties in meeting up to the stylization then, which led to introduction of electronic technology in the banking operations. The performance of banking expends as a result of technology devices.

Today practice is says makes perfects first Bank Plc has gone into technology device used in the bank that is the computer.  Before the computer this bank make use of other non-electronic device such as calculators phones tax machines electronic scannes camera etc.

On this topic  question come like this;

  1. What important is the application of technology to the banking operations?
  2. What magic did the staff of this bank performed to be the master of the system

The above two question ld to the impact of the regular manpower training programme as the topic indicated.

Because of the technology banking here is an massive development on the information technology. These provide limitless opportunities for the bank to innovation in the area of new produced service and cut down time often associated with these produced services.

These development in information technology includes the innovative produced and services electronic system are becoming increasingly important.

The most obvious banking application of computers is customers service computerized banks respond immediately to meet up with the request form customers for statement of account balance enquire.

Although the effectiveness of the information and deployment in banking is another matter the fact remains that electronic banking usage is now a reality.  This is to be expected in a view of huge amount of information being handed by banks on the daily basis.

Banks today is which more than routine. Bank particular and other banks in general


The project will among other things provide answers to the following research question.

1.         Did the staff of first bank attend manpower training and development programme in the last 5 years?

2.         Do first bank supervisors have the habit of using the opportunity of he annual staff reporting exercise (appraisal) to identify first bank manpower training need?

3.         Were the manpower training programmes of the first bank in the last 5 year effectively performed to the satisfaction of banks staff and management?

4.         Did the manpower training programmes in bank make any significance positive difference in the staff attitude to work and efficient customer services delivery in the first bank particular and other banks in general?

5.         In what ways could manpower training programmes existing in last 5years be improved in the first bank particular and other banks in general?


Hypothesis 1

Ho:      The needed for regular manpower training programme in first bank PLC is was not effectively performed.  

Hi:       The needed regular manpower training programme in first bank Plc Enugu was effectively performed.  

Hypothesis 2

Hi:     Regular manpower training in first bank Plc Enugu made no  significance difference in the staff attitude to work. Hi:       Regular manpower training in first bank Plc Enugu made a  significance

difference in the staff attitude to work.

Hypothesis 3 Ho:     The importance attached to regular manpower training has not attained a

reasonable expectation

Hi:       The importance attached to regular manpower training has attained a

reasonable expectation


In view of the huge investment which the bank make o staff training and manpower development and the importance which the government attaches to the transfer of technology in the banking sector there is definitely a compelling need  for both the banking industry and the government to have a verifiable means of ascertaining the degree of effectiveness or failure of training and manpower development in the first bank.

This is where the significance or the study lies in providing readily that very much need verifiable medium whose absence has so far credit the problem stated in section 1.1 more importance the study addresses specific training manpower development parameters such as performance appraisal promotions and Nigerianization.  The ensuring statistical test result together with the conclusion and recommendation emanating for the study could be used by both industry and government in further modifying or re-ordering existing training and manpower development techniques.       


The scope of his project work would be limited to first bank  would be limited to first bank Plc main office Okpara Avenue in Enugu

This is because first bank Plc dominate the banking system and could be taken as a true reflection of the Nigerian banking industry.

There are certain factors that made this study not run across all the banks in Nigeria and they are time constraint lack of adequate finance unavailability of data and inadequate research facilities. In most cases where data are readily available access to them is hindered.    

  1. Financial institution in its terms it cover firms engage in management of money and other related security documents.
  2. Manpower training it is the only factor of production that is capable of harnessing the other factors such as land capital and machinery or materials to generates output or goods and services.

In addition in above for the purpose of this project such independence study undertaken by the staff with the knowledge of the bank and approval in the bank management has orientation course in service training poly air, UniAir of Imt and other polytechnics.  Programme in university, regular part-time and vanquish programme in higher institution senior etc.

3.         Appraisal could be see as valuable inputs for training reward promotion and staff development.        


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