Project Body:



  • Background of Study

New life in Christ is the very essence of Christianity. In fulfilling God’s commandments and the great commission of the church ordered by Jesus Christ, Christians are to live a regenerated life style as an example for all to see. With any study related to New life in Christ there are difficulties that present themselves. In present culture, the term “New life in Christ” is often misunderstood. A prevalent misconception regarding New life in Christ in some churches today is that it is a must to wash in a certain river or go on a particular days of fasting and prayer before you can be clean. The research examines the concept of New Life in Christ from biblical perspective and how it can benefits the church of Christ especially Christ Apostolic Church Mercy Land.

  • Statement of the Problem

The concept of New Life in Christ is often misunderstood because of different believe and practices of some selected Africans indigenous churches which believe that, though you are saved but that is not enough, you still need to do some ritual watching in the river before you can be completely clean. The some who believe is not possible at all to leave a new life, as long as we are in this body, claiming that everything about man is on clean. This research aim at enlighten Christians that once you believe in Christ you are been completely clean. Also to correct erroneous teaching that says, Christians can never be holy or living a holy life is impossible for believers.

  • Purpose of the Study

The following are the objectives of this study: To educate and enlighten the Christians on what New Life in Christ is all about. To create awareness for every member in the church the need to be conscious of their rights in Christ. To bring every believer/member in the church to the knowledge of the finished work of Christ and its benefits.

  • The Significance of the Study

The significance of the study cannot be over emphasized. Hence, the ideas and suggestions that are brought forward in this research on the subject matter will be helpful in the following areas: Every member of the church would enjoy the dividends of this project for better understanding of been regenerated. This research work will help in differentiating between the expected life style in Christ as Christians and mere dogmas or indoctrination. This research will also help in creating interest in conducting more researches in this area of study. It will help to prepare Christians leader in general and Christ Apostolic Church in particular, to guard against falsehood as toughing the teachings of the New Life in Christ.

  • Delimitation of Study

This research work is restricted to Paul’s concept of New life in Christ in 2 Corinthians 5:14-17 and its implications to Christian’s leaders: considering Christ Apostolic Church Mercy land District Headquarters as a case study.

  • Research Procedure

In order to have this research work completed, the following research method would be adopted. Thus, the researcher for the library work will use the available text books related to the study, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, journals and the Holy Bible.

The following libraries were used:

  1. LIFE Theological Seminary Library (Ikorodu)
  2. WATS theological seminary Library
  3. The researcher’s personal library
  4. Personal libraries of friends

The researcher made use of the internet facilities. This research is a combination of library and more of field works. An average number of three hundred (300) copies of questionnaire would be distributed out and other interviews will be conducted for the purpose of this study.

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