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1.1 Background to the study

The evolution of the Internet has changed the way information is shared, stored and retrieved. Mingle and Adam (2015) mentioned that in the Internet are a number of web technologies that have emerged which have helped the speed at which information is now retrieved and shared; amongst these technologies is the web 2.0 technology which is making wave as regards communication and information sharing. The term Web 2.0 is used to describe web applications that are designed to be user centered and to aid the interactiveness of information sharing and collaboration on the World Wide Web which has created the social media platforms that are highly interactive.The first technology (Web 1.0) was read only but Web 2.0 is read and write and has made people active participants and have shifted from being a medium to being a platform. According to Yun-Jo and William (2010) Web 2.0 is a social revolution that makes it possible for people to participate through open application and services. Social Media sites and Social Networking, are examples of Web 2.0 technologies amongst which is the IMO video calls and Instant messaging application. IMO IM has several characteristics that differentiate it from other web 2.0 technology social media platforms.Some of the characteristics of IMO IM app include the support of multiple services, being a web based application. It allows users to connect to contents from their various or multiple sources. Vanttemet (2011) agrees that IMO IM app supports multiple services and that users can sign in into multiple services. He contended that IMO IM app provide, push up notification and that users do not pay for it, but the notification helps users to see at a glance whose accounts are up to speed, IMO IM app sends messages quickly and reliably and according to Cassavoy, (2012) users can create group chat and can use facebook, google talk, My Space, Skype, and Yahoo simultaneously though all contacts will have to switch over to IMO chat to participate in the chat. Cassavoy (2012) also affirm that while the chat is ongoing, IMO allows users to pop out the application into a smaller window so as to allow them to keep the IM window small so users can view contacts and message while still surfing the web or working on a document or spreadsheet. IMO IM app also has video calls and chat and not only text chat.In the blog AppPicker of (2015) it was stated that IMO IM app gives users the great opportunity to video chat with friends and families who reside abroad. It provides them with a platform where they can make high definition video calls and chat for free. Deltoyos (2016) agreed that IMO IM app makes it easy to connect to users through video calls on telephones like Android, Iphone, Ipad and IOS devices and this connection can be done via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G. Conversely AppPicker (2015) observed that IMO IM app have several default language, which includes, English language, Arabic, Danish, Finish, Greek, Hindi, Haman, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese and simplified Chinese. The App help users save money on telephone calls and short message services (SMS) as it has no limit to the number of calls or messages users can make or even instant messaging app features that makes the IMO IM app more comfortable for users.

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