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1.0                INTRODUCTION

 In accordance to concrete parking lots which have many similarities to other type of concrete pavement. On the other land hand parking lots differ from other pavements in that, most of the area is intended for storage of vehicles and other goods rather than for movement of vehicle.

The design of concrete parking lots should follow generally accepted procedures of concrete pavements as outline in this guide. load bearing capacity, drainage crack control, life cycle cost, constructability, and maintenance.

The strength of concrete varies from batch to batch and within a batch, the magnitude of these variation defends on the several factors such as the quality of  materials, method of batching and the mixed proportions.

1.1                GENERAL

Concrete as we should understand must be strong enough, when hardened should resist various stress to which it will be subjected to, and to withstand weathering action often. Concrete can be ready without segregation when freshly mixed and it must be of consistent and easy compatibility in the formwork.

The fine aggregates (sand) fills the spaces between the coarse aggregate. Both aggregates have to be correctly proportioned and graded. The strength of concrete should depend on the following factors as listed below:

1.                 Properties and type of cement

2.                 Type, proportion, grading and quality of aggregate

3.                 Method and adequacy of batching, mixing, transporting, placing, compacting and curing of concrete.

4.                 Water content

Concrete mixes can be specified by the volume of weight of the constituent materials or by the minimum strength of the concrete.

1.2                BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

The design method for concrete parking lots are somewhat empirical and are based on the methods developed for the design of highway pavement (i.e., the” Portland cement” association method [Thickness   1984] and the “AASHTO” design method [AASHTO 1993] ). This method are primarily concerned with limiting both the stresses in the slab and reductions serviceability caused by mixed traffic including heavy trucks, while usually serve fewer sign call vehicles either parked or travelling at slow speed many parking lots projects are not large enough to justify length and detailed design calculation.

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