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1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY According to Johnson (2000); throughout recorded history, humans have had the desire to decorate their living space. While the mediums and techniques were crude during prehistory, both paint and painting methods evolved tremendously in the millennia that followed. Today, the environmental impact of exterior decoration is as paramount to its aesthetic appeal. What may seem like an artless product has, in fact, undergone many alterations over the years. According to Manson (2001); it is slightly easier for manufacturers of food and beverages than manufacturers of decorative and specialty products to find themselves in the buyers markets. It is unwise to think of survival as regards to food and clothing without considering individuals environment, as how neat the buildings are kept decorating, these does not mean beautifying the building only but is a way of presenting the appearance of the building to fight against organic growth such as fungi and algae. According to Frederick (2007); appropriate customer feedback management (CFM) is the process by which customer feedback is incorporated into operational processes. By managing customer feedback so it is an input to operational processes such as sales, account management, product management and customer support (among others), those processes can be made more effective, efficient and customer centric. According to Hughes (2007); as with any business process, business objectives determine what customer feedback to collect, how to analyse it, how to disseminate it and what actions should to be taken with it. According to Stalk (2008); CFM is a process based on the systematic collection of customer feedback data, the analysis of the data, and defined dissemination and follow-up actions. When done correctly, customer feedbacks can place individual customer feedback data (both response data and profile data) into the hands of the one person in your company, in real-time, who is most able to use that data to further your business objectives. According to August (2008); customer feedback impact all businesses, small businesses and the larger counterpart often feel the effect of customer feedbacks. Upswings in the economy typically provide a rush of new or expanded business opportunities for small operations, whereas a poor customer service or not attending to customer feedbacks within an economic cycle can have a severe and lasting impact.According to Marvin (2011); information Technology has played a vital role in businesses; this cuts across the manufacturing of goods, distributions, sells and advertisement. The presence of mobile devices and smartphones has not just made the world a global village but has made it easier for users to window shop and buy items online at a fast and affordable rate. The essence of this application and gadgets has eradicated the obsolete method of business processing making business activities gloomy and in-effective.

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