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A quantity control system in production management qualitative technique with strong financial implications having direct relationships with production, marketing, purchasing and financial politics . Also, it is a system used in the management of stocks held by any organization as it concern addition to, storage and removals from the trading stock with appropriate record keeping. ANAMMCD LTD Enugu, as an assembly plant maintains a large amount of stock vehicle spare parts which are imported from any of her vendors, via:- MBAG. Mercedes Benz AG Germany, MBRBAS. Mercedes Benz Brazil or MBE_ Mercedes Benz Espama for the production line or sales to distributors or authorized agents dealers. The stocks are held for various among which are:

a. To ensure unit sufficient goods are available to meet anticipated demand

b. To provide a better between production process. This is applicable to work in project stocks which efficiently decouple operation.

c. To meet possible shortage in future

d. To absorb seasonal fluctuation in usage or demand

e. To enable production process to flow smoothly and efficiently.

f. As a necessary part of the production process.

All these are logical get; stocks accumulate due to the less promise worthy reasons which are:

a. Absolute items are relined in stock.

b. Poor or non existing inventory control resulting in over target orders, replacement orders being of phase with production etc.

c. Inadequate or non existing stock records

d. Marketing department: Whether as a deliberate policy or not, stock represents an investment by the organization. Thus, as with any other investment, the cost of holding stock must be related to the benefit to benefit to the gains. To this effectively the cost must be identified and this can be done into two categories:

a) Cost of obtaining stock

b) Stock out cost.

All these part which may be similar menu by description varies greatly among themselves depending on the type or model of vehicle using them. Thus, the management and operation of store function and the control of stock can only be performed in efficient manner when there is an appropriate means of up turning and storing information and a facility for the analysis and use of this information.

In the high, the above ANAMMCO LTD Enugu maintains a visible record system returned to as KARDEX, a manual form of inventory control system. As a prerequisite in they quality control system, ANAMMCO LTD maintains a peculiar but unique coding system such that all the numerous spare parts are each uniquely coded and identified for accurate and specific information on them. The operation of the KARDEX was often prove to redundancy or duplication of items whenever there is instilling, it requires a lot of paper work with their possible venation or discrepancies during documentation, it involves so many people thereby investing a lot of man hour, increased cost of procure storage of non-moving or obsolete items leads to customer dissatisfaction due to time wasting and unavailability of information. Thus, the efficiency of the system is greatly dependent on human factor and such as accuracy. So, it is an attempt to rectify and modify the above inadequacies that we have decided to develop and implement on integrated computerized stock control system so as to maximize the operation efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction base on quick. This Service minimize the non hour requirement involved, reduce the running costs, guarantee accuracy and at the sometime generate reports that assist management in her decision making as it concerns planning, organizing and controlling

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