PROJECT TOPIC: Design and implementation of patient medical records in cloud computing

Project Body:



According Jantz (2001) the emergence of computer based information system has changed the world a great deal, both large and small system have adopted the new methodology by use of personal computer; to fulfill several roles in the production of information therefore computerizing the documentation of patient record to enable easier manipulation of the input process and output will bring us to this existing new world of information system. Patients records and disease pattern documentation is concerned with documentation of information obtained from patients and their particular health system in order to function properly. If this information is not documented perfectly causing some data to get misplaced, the health system will not be efficient. According tang (2001) In examine the document system that in existence at the hospital that is mostly manual much importance has been placed on creating a system that document the inpatient record using a computerized database system with a secure procedure for accessing it. One of the unit of the std/aids control program (STD/HCP) a server doctor at consultant level who is assisted by 3 doctors, a secretary, 5 medical assistance7 nurses trained consolers and part time statisticians and 2 laboratory technologists head of units. The various diseases managed at the unit include the following syphilis, virgin its, molluscus, scabies‟, pubic lice, gonorrhea, trichomoiasis, gentle mart etc. Patient information past and present is extremely vital in the provision of patient‟s care which guides the physician in the making of right decision about the diagnosis. The rapid growth of information technology and system made to choose the health care industry to borrow a page from the air industry for the sake of patient‟s safety. Pilots have instant access to the data they need in whether condition and mechanical function to make information decision about navigation and delay.

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