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Like economics that is a social science, it is not easy to come up with one definition of business study because of diverse economic activities of human beings. A careful look at the society will show that human beings of all and different age groups and continuously involved in one economic struggle or another or another aimed at earning a living in order to guarantee their continued existence.

This chapter will explain the importance of business study to develop  a man intelligently as an essential tool needed for his life- long sustenance. It will also reveals the historical background of business study with the problems encountered by learners.

It probes inefficiency of teaching of business study and make attempts to find a possible solution to the research questions.

Business study has been designed to give pupils an overview of the world of business and enables them develop a better understanding of the individual relationship with business and the place of business in a developed economy.

The curriculum has incorporated certain topics which are not often considered in teaching business study in the past. Such topics include the history of business  study in Nigeria and career opportunities. The curriculum also taking cognizance of the fact that pupils will proceed directly to the university. It has incorporated some relevant topics that are traditional taught in business management. Such topics include introduction to business Management, structure of Business law and introduction to marketing.

Latest development in the Nigerian business study sphere have also been taken care of e.g the second tier securities market and data transmission.

For a major country like Nigeria to provide generations of skilled and competent business study educational educationalists, it is imperative to form a sound basis for business study education in our youths by strengthening the teaching of business study primarily at the secondary level.

The curriculum content of Business study is the original work of the comparative Education study and Adaption centre (CESAC). It is derived from the need to provide a curriculum suitable to the new National policy on education (NPE). According to the NPE, education at the secondary level is expected to be both academics and vocational at the senior secondary school (SSS). (CESAC) under the mandate of the federal Government developed an introducing course in Business studies for (JSS) junior secondary school which will had office practice, commerce, book keeping, typewriting and shorthand as components. In order to build on this, separate and more comprehensive course has been developed for each of these various components at the level.

The conceptual approach to structuring syllabus and the concentric approach to sequencing content have been employed in this curriculum seven units of study were identified and topics of higher complexity from each of the relevant units should be taught in each higher class.

The general objectives of education in business study at the secondary school level are to:

1.      Enable pupils have a broader understanding of the importance of commercial activities.

2.      Enable pupils cultivate the right attitudes to commercial activities.

3.      Provide useful general nations and commercial skills necessary for pupils who will immediately enter into the world of work.

4.      Provide commercial knowledge for personal use and for further education.

5.      Develop a habit of wise use of services offered by commercial institutions.

The importance of business study can be highlighted to the country with the slogan.”Business study is the life blood of any Nation”. This is because of the vital economics role that business study plays to a nations economy that brought about the comparison of business study with blood. It is a clear fact that blood in any human being to be extracted out, that person will definitely die. Similarly a nation cannot exist without business study.

The functions of business study to the society at large cannot be over emphasized hence, it includes the following:

1.      Business study helps to move people and goods from one place to another

2.      It facilitates specialization

3.      Business studies provides employment for the people.

4.      It makes storage to be possible.

5.      Business study finances business.

6.      It provides protection against insurable risks

7.      It helps producer to sell their various products.

8.      It makes mass production possible.

9.      Business studies links the world together and closely united e.g international trade.

10.  It makes exchange of goods and services to be possible.

Unfortunately, evidence continues to accumulate to prove that here in Nigeria, business study education is facing a very serious problem. To support this assertion one can see that there is a dwindling number of youths in both secondary and post-secondary levels willing to make the study of business study their major pre-occupation. This can be attributes to quite a few factors among them are the scarcity of the necessary instructional aids required and the improper use of lack of use of the few aids available, qualified educationalists in relevant fields have been looking for and finding the best ways to make learning more stimulating.

Interesting provisions have been made by technologists, in term of audio-visuals materials (teaching aids) in which have helped to enhance teaching learning situations.

There are however, still some problems such as materials not being used by the teachers or being totally absent from schools. For example, teaching aids that stimulate the sense of learning are called audio aids and examples of kinds of aids include:

a.       The radio

b.      The voice of the teacher

c.       Tape recorders.

The success of instructional aids requires is hinged on proper planning efficient administration, financing and availability of necessary materials used by the teachers in the secondary schools had dwindled and the alternative is for the Ogun state Government to re-activate the schools.


This study is exclusively set out to investigate the extent to which these affects are towards the study of business study by the students and how they can be tackled. It is therefore necessary to investigate these identified problems that beset the availability and use of teaching materials in business study teaching in secondary schools in Abeokuta in Ogun state.


The purpose of this study is to examine the availability of teaching materials in secondary schools in Abeokuta in Ogun State.

a.       Establish how much and to what extent teaching materials are available in our secondary schools.

b.      Highlights how the teachers in the sampled schools make use of the available teaching materials they have.

c.       Determine the effectiveness of which the teachers make use of these teaching materials.

d.      Examine the extent teachers improvise the teaching materials.

e.       Suggest types of teaching materials needed to effectively teach the subject “business study”.


This study will attempt to provide answers to these questions:

1.      Are the numbers of instructional materials available in secondary schools adequate for teaching business study?

2.      Do many teachers use in instructional materials for teaching business study?

3.      Can the teachers improvise teaching aids?

4.      Do many attitudes of business study teachers affect the use of teaching materials?

5.      How often are the teachers use the teaching materials?


This study is survey research and it focuses on the availability and use of teaching materials in teaching Business Study in Secondary Schools in Abeokuta, Ogun State.  This study is delimited to (12) twelve secondary schools teachers in some randomly selected schools within Abeokuta south local government of Ogun State.


This study focuses on the impact of the availability and use of teaching materials in business study teaching in secondary schools in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning activities in schools. It would equally look into the multi various organs associated with the provision and administering of instructional materials in secondary schools. The ministry of education, teaching service commission, the principles and teachers will know the importance of instructional materials in improving the quality of teaching and learning of business study in secondary schools.


1.         Business study: buying and selling and distribution of goods and services in order to satisfy human needs and wants.

2.         Availability: readiness to be used to make materials ready for use.

3.         Utilization: making use of something thus to make use of resources.

4.         Teaching aids: devices used to aid and enhance the teaching learning process.

5.         Visual aids: these are controlled visual experiences which are presented to the learners to provide a true and accurate picture or impression.

6.         Instructional materials: materials used in teaching- learning process.

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