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1.0              INTRODUCTION


For one to appreciate the degree of unemployment in Ugwunye Development Center, it is necessary to X-ray the background of the subject matter. This Ugwunye is geopolitically located towards the North West of Udi Local Government Area and as such severally disadvantaged especially in employment and setting up of all sorts of Business including the small scale types.

It is therefore very pertinent to define both UNEMPLOYMENT and SMALL SCALE BUSINESS generally and narrow them down to Ugwunye as the case may be.

It is really difficult to define precisely unemployment in the economic literature. However, “unemployment is defined as a situation in which people who are willing to work at the prevailing WAGE RATE CANNOT FIND JOBS”. This definition is according to Augustus N. Gbosi (Ph.D) in his book, “Monetary Economics and Nigeria Financial System (1993) page 241 as published by Pam unique in Port Harcourt. The fact remains that the labour force in Ugwunye is high because people within the employable ages 15 – 40 years are all seeking paid employment and as such should be counted as part of the unemployment labour force. The definition lays emphasis on WILLINGNESS because if the emphasis is not so laid, the official rate of unemployment could be over emphasized. Here again labour force means all persons who are 15 years and above and that are either working for pay or actively seeking paid employment. Since labour force comprises the employed and unemployed particularly in Ugwunye (Egede and Affa) especially after the primary education (13 years and above).

            Definition of small-scale business is equally inexhaustible, but an attempt should be made to Nigeria environment According to Ani Net al in their book “Small Business Entrepreneurship” (2002) pages 2&3 and published by NERCE PUBLICATION any manufacturing establishments whose manpower is less than ten people and its investment in machinery and equipment does not exceed N600, 000 (Six Hundred Thousand Naira) are referred to as SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES”.

  Generally, the method used globally to measure the nature of any business includes: number of employees; the volume of sales; the financial strength or disposition, the relative size, initial capital outlay. Other parameters used include among many ones – private independent ownership, the type of such venture and relative companion between the business understudying and other present ones or those in the recent past. Information management is one of the parameters too. From the above definitions it is very glaring that there is high rate of unemployment in Ugwunye with out corresponding-

Small Scale Business to contain or offset the social problem. In a logical sequence therefore, it is very necessary to highlight the problems that are associated with the unemployment survey in ugwunye and probably proper solutions to them. They are precisely put down below.

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