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The purpose of this study was to find out the causes and effect of smoking on there academic performance of students in Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State using a random sampling method, a total of 100 questionnaires were administered to 25 students in St Paul’s Grammar Schools Igarra, 25 were also administered to students in Okpameri Mixed Grammar School Ibillo, 25 were administered to students in Ososo Grammar School and 25 Students in Ugboshi Grammar School, majority of them started smoking in their secondary school days, while others started in other schools. Various reasons were given for smoking ranging from relaxation while some respondents said they cannot tell because they don’t smoke. And majority of them smoke 1-4 sticks of cigarette per day. Some were influenced by their friends or parents. Fro the study, it was found that cigarette smoking is habit forming and has some long term illness in man such as metal illness or memory impairment, cancer agoraphobia, anxiety disorder and panic disorder, lack of reading, lack of concentration absent mindedness which can result to poor academic performance.  


Chapter One           


Background of the study   

Statement of the problem

Research questions           

Purpose of study       

Significance of the study

Scope and delimitation of study

Definition of terms

Chapter Two          

Literature review

Chapter Three

Research Methodology

Chapter Four          

Analysis and interpretation of data

Discussion of finding

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations 






Smoking was said to have originated from the America Indians, it is from the suppression of physical pains, the relief of anxiety, frustration and the production of pleasurable sensation of moods which have being into practice for so many years ago (turner et al, 1970).  In recent time, smoking have become a big problematic issue in the society as a result of continuous increase in practice of smoking among pre-adolescence school boys and girls investigating daily report over the media, indicate an alarming rate of smoking among teenagers and that smoking has extended to school children. According to turner et al (1970) stated that serious effects of dangerous smoking appears in school age youth that even a small amount of second hand smoke can hinder a child’s ability, effecting reading Maths and reasoning skills.

            A new study show that 70% of all children in the society are to environment tobacco smoke in their homes and 85% of children have detectable levels of continue in their blood.  According to Tayman and Penmel (1992) said that 947 million packs of cigarettes are smoked each year by teen under eighteen years old. Many youth who smoke cigarettes are “high-risk” with you attendance law performance multiple drug use. High stress levels low self esteem and inadequate social support. Adolescent who smoked heavily was 6.87 times more likely to develop a panic disorder as young adults than were count parts who smoked fewer then 20 cigarettes a day or not.  As a result of the frequent report in both print and electronic media about the effect of smoking on the academic performance of student in the society both the youth and adult indulging themselves in smoking cocaine together with other dangerous leaves, the federal government established a campaign team to go to school to organized a lecture on the effect is smoking towards the academic performance of students especially the youth.


            There are some advance countries that have been made to control and fight again smoking as a result of its effect. According to Jenne Greane (1976) said the society have. Attempted to control smoking of psychoactive substance largely, Through restrictive laws propaganda or education that focus on their ill effect toward student’s performance and treatment programme and designed to cure e.g. madness- the federal government leaf from the above with the establishment of the national smoking enforcement agency to mount strong propaganda on the evil effect of smoking. One of the ways used to far is through the print and electronic meet through the print and electronic of populace. Despite the effort mounted to fight against smoking, there seems to be no success particular among the teenagers who continue to experiment on smoking. According to Adesina 1980 and professor Kuti (1992) it has been discovered that about two million people are feared des of cancer of lungs, kidneys and heart due to smoking. Therefore the apparent prevalence of the effect in school justifies the study of problems and from the point of view of an educationist, the use of tobacco recreational smoking appears to be useful predictors of children life styles and different ad children performance in schools.

            Smoking is posing a threat to human health especially the youth in this country. Those who are smokers are unable to perform maximally and therefore have restriction of full life. Smoking is gradually finding its way into primary school as children are seen drinking hot drinks e.g. schnapps of wine and eat kola in public place even at home because of environment influence. Any well meaning campaign against smoking should start from the home or child.


Due to the effect of smoking towards the academic performance of student, many students that involved in smoking have contracted some serious problem learning process. For example, it can make them to refuse reading;

I.              It cause restlessness

II.            It causes memory impairment

III.           It leads to absent mindedness

IV.          It causes cancer which makes the students to spend his or her money and time in the hospital

V.           It causes frustration among the students, which reads to lack of concentration during learning process.

VI.          It causes high stress levels.

VII.         It causes low self esteem.

VIII.       It leads to low academic performance.

IX.          It leads to anxiety disorder and panic disorderliness.

X.           It causes agoraphobia which leads to poor school attendance.

Therefore children should be told or lecture by parents the evils of smoking towards their academic performance and it should be taught by the class teacher at schools.    


  1. The purpose of this study is to determine the exited to which the effects of smoking have hindered the academic performance of student in Akoko Edo local government area of Edo state.
  2. To bring to the awareness of parents the effect of cigarette smoking on the performance of the children.
  3. To educate students on the ills of cigarette smoking.
  4. To create awareness to the public on the effect of cigarette smoking on academic performance of students

The investigation is not a medical person but just a teacher who is interest in the general development of the pre-adolescent and the smooth lives of the adult, the language in this study is lay with no sophisticated smoking (marijuana) technologies or even traces of the language of man and woman as the medical profession. Beside the discussion that follows relates more to how the educational system can be helped than anything else. It is with this limitation in mind that the readers is limited to interpret this finding


  1. It there any relationship between cigarette smoking and peer pressure?
  2. Does cigarette smoking on the health of smokers?
  3. Does level of awareness on the complication of smoking have effect on smokers?
  4. It there any relationship between cigarette and student performance.


This study will help to increase the knowledge of both adolescent and adult and the entire society of the effect of cigarette smoking on the academic performance of student in Akoko local government area of Edo state.


The study of is concerned only with selected schools in Akoko Edo local government area of Edo state. These schools will however be a representative of the diversified locality. Therefore the result obtained can be generalized to Edo state.

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