PROJECT TOPIC: The effect of Managerial style on Effective classroom practice among primary school teachers in selected Private primary School

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What is classroom management? During the last decades, many definitions have been given to this term, starting from 1961, where it was mentioned that classroom management is strongly connected to the teacher’s role in the class and the way he/she handles all the daily issues that may come up in the classroom Brown & Phelpsas cited by Athanasakis (2013). According to more recent theories, this term does not only include the repressive actions a teacher can make, but it also includes all the preventive actions the teacher should make in order to ensure a thriving environment for all the pupils (Henley, 2006; Pianta, 2006; Helmke, 2011 as cited in Makarova & Herzog, 2013). Furthermore, classroom management is also related not only to students’ academic success as it was considered, but also to their full development – sentimental, cognitive and social (Evertson& Weinstein, 2011 as cited in Trikkaliotis, 2014). It is also important to be mentioned that effective classroom management is directly connected to the development of children’s inner discipline. Thus, children do not follow an imposed discipline because they are obliged to do so, but they co-decide on the rules of the class and the consequences that should be applied in case they do not follow these rules (Barns, 2010).

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