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Marketing and promotion is a strategic tool for the business development and it helps in the proper growth and endurance of micro, small and medium enterprise. It plays a crucial role for the success of any enterprise and the large firms have been hiring employees to take care of marketing of products or services of their enterprise but micro (Handicraft industry) and other small enterprises have no strong financial supports which make them efficient to invest money on marketing of crafts products. As we know that finance is the blood of any industry which make them competent to fight against any crisis but these enterprises have no any strong financial support which make them self-dependents to take any decision regarding the wellbeing their works. Governments started different marketing scheme to increase the awareness among the people like exhibition, Handicraft emporia, training, publicity through painting and electronic mode, market and products assessment tour for artisans (Annual Report 2010-11, Ministry of Textile). Shopping matrix analysis help to understand the consumers buying behavior regarding purchasing and helps to overcome the differences between what the firms provides and what the consumer expects from firms, it is helps to developed a marketing strategy which help to resolved the problems effectively (William, 1965). Marketing Support & Services Scheme is a new scheme which comes in to light after clubbing of two schemes like Marketing Support Scheme and export promotion scheme in Eleventh five year plan (Annual Report, 2010-11, Ministry of Textiles). This is the time where small scale enterprise behaves like an engine in globalization era which promotes the products innovation, broaden the economic development and has a significant participation in the international markets. The entrepreneurial orientation has an important characteristic of the entrepreneur, who formulates the marketing strategy according to their firm performance in the Globalized era (Gary Knight, 2000). Marketing Support and Services Scheme is the only subsidiary of handicraft industry which mainly focused on marketing activities in the Domestic and International publicity by using different mode of the communication (Annual Report 2011-12, Ministry of Textile).

Tero and Erkki (1979) found that formulation of marketing or promotion strategy depends upon the different market condition and objectives like non- adaptive, time- dependents, competitively adaptive, sales responsive and profile responsive strategy which helps to capture the market due to the changes in seasonal growth, merchandising and competitive aspects of the markets. Yoram (1973) said that sophisticated management approaches has a vital role for formulating international marketing strategy in which four types of altitudes or orientation has played a significant role like ethnocentrism (Home country orientation), polycentrism (Host country orientation), regiocentricism (a regional orientation) and Geocentrism (a World orientation). These are depends upon the different market environment and intra company factors on the basis of cost and benefits of the firms. Nigel (2011) opines that the role of strategy management is very important in marketing management because traditional approach of marketing has not been playing significant role in the real world of business. The educational organization and training center has a tough task for the strategy management to design and delivery the education. Yihao and Yuning (2010) found that consumer’s psychology is an important strategic aspect through which industries should design their crafts products. Handicraft industry has facing different types of problems regarding detachment from the modern manufacturing technique, large flexibilities in design and have less knowledge related to the different types of the promotional activities etc.

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