PROJECT TOPIC: DEVELOPING A TQM SYSTEM FOR A COMPANY (First Initiative for PhemssalTech Ventures in Lagos, Nigeria)

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One definition of Quality is a service targeted towards intended use and to achieve it requires a process based quality management system as specified by ISO 9001:2000. A Quality Manual describes management practices, structure of the QMS and the frame-work for a feedback system. (Mettälä 2011)

Among the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 is that the organization should establish and maintain a quality manual that includes the scope of the quality management system and the size of documentation differ from one to another due to the size of the organisation. Therefore, the scope of this quality management system includes documented statement of quality policy, quality objective, organizational chart, authorities and responsibilities, handling of suppliers, control of documents, handling of non-conformance, corrective action, and management periodic review (SFS 2004, 27).

The eight principles of quality management start with customer focus in that organiza-tion should understand current and future needs of customer, should meet customer`s requirement and exceeds their expectation. Leadership is the next principle that requires organisation to establish internal environment in which people can become fully in-volved in achieving the set objectives and close related is involvement of people at all levels. Process approach is achieved more efficiently when activities and related re-sources are managed as a process but system approach involve identifying and manag-ing interrelated process as a system. Continual improvement is an important principle that must be part of organisation objective. Effective decisions are based on analysis of data and information gathered which form another principle of quality management together with mutually benefiting relationship of supplier with the organisation (SFS 2004, 31).

The scope of this quality management system excludes process approach, system ap-proach and factual approach because the enormity will exceed thesis requirement but it will be improved overtime as it is meant to be functional document.

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