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1.1  Background to the Study

The study of Integrated Science is very important as being a part of science, which covers almost all aspect of life it is inherited from western education. The demand for western type of education placed too much premium or emphasis on literacy on the aft of teaching, reading, writing arithmetic and the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake. However, it is not an over statement to say that the history of Integrated Science is the history of development and civilization. It study helps to link up at it’s development stages from past to present and it projects into the future of man.

The importance of Integrated Science cannot be over emphasized hence “Descartes” a great philosopher use mathematical methods, findings and reasoning in developing his philosophy because of its clarity and preciseness.

“Aiken (1970)” in a comprehensive review of pupil attitude toward Integrated Science found that teachers enthusiasm ‘and attitude towards Integrated Science was the most important factor affecting attitude formation. Since the nation we belong to is dynamic, therefore Integrated Science takes a finding of mental position hence Tarsten Hussen says that “Integrated Science is an instrument for educating people for a changing society”.

In our society, a lot of institution groups, organizations add consequently to the improvement of curriculum as demanded of a particular period of time it is only the teacher that can carry out change. Despite the various ways the government uses to the educational system. It is the role of teachers in bringing about curriculum change. It is therefore important that the revolution concerning secondary school learning we consider the hindrances and the effectiveness of students in classrooms.

This study the attempt to find out effective learning of Integrated Science with a view of suggesting improvement or adjustment in some of our educational practices. In all industries, Integrated Science is needed for the production to required science and technology. Therefore “Integrated Science as a subject is the best of science and environmental profession (ALIBI 1985).

Investment on education, has been seen by many as a sort of investment from which the future gains or benefits. In order to cope effectively without rapidly expanding industries, particularly our theological and manufacturing industries, we need adequate and qualified scientist as well as technologist, a pre-request to any of the above mentioned professions.

The modern world of science has always been faced with problems which scientist tries to solve. They survey the problems, making the effective teaching and learning of science impossible and finding possible solutions to them. It is therefore the basic objective of this research to survey these problems and suggest ways of solving them.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

For many years most students had found it difficult to study or learn Integrated Science as a profession due to their poor background of Integrated Science knowledge.

The general problems of this research work therefore is to find the effects of student’s study and adjustment patterns on academic achievement in Integrated Science.

The problems of this study therefore are:

  1. Family problems
  2. Sociability (mixing up and exposure)
  3. Mental problems (academic problems)
  4. Health problems
  5. The availability of instructional materials for learning Integrated Science.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study therefore is to:

  1. Point out the effectiveness of student’s study and adjustment patterns on academic achievement in Integrated Science learning
  2. To provide the courage learner with well documented information on the problems of effective learning of Integrated Science
  3. Highlight the basic origin of studying problems of learning Integrated Science as it affect student themselves
  4. Provide literature for students who read information on how to improve need of information in learning of Integrated Science.

1.4  Significance of the Study

This study is significant because:

  1. The identification of the study problem will place students in a better position to know the direction of their adjustment
  2. The outcome of the present study will provide students in secondary schools with useful suggestions for eradication of the problems
  3. It will lead to improvement on the student’s achievement in Integrated Science, as they will be motivated to learn
  4. It gives learners the opportunity to see the ways of adjusting process in Integrated Science learning

1.5 Research Questions

The following are the research questions raised for this study.

  1. Does the socio-economic background of parents become responsible for the poor performance of students in Integrated Science?
  2. Does lack of sociability of students cause problems to the effective learning of Integrated Science?
  3. Does lack of instructional material cause problems to Integrated Science learning process?
  4. Does mental problems affect the effectiveness of students learning process in the classroom?
  5. Does the health condition of the students affects his learning during Integrated Science learning in the classroom?

1.6  Hypothesis

The following are the hypothesis for this study.

Ho1:There is no significant difference of parental influence on students attitude towards Integrated Science learning.

Ho2: There is no significant difference of the sociability of students on the effective learning of Integrated Science.

Ho3:There is no significant difference of the use of instructional materials on the learning effectiveness in Integrated Science.

Ho4:There is no significant difference of the health condition of students on their Integrated Science learning in classroom.

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