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CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1. Background of the StudyGlobal warming has become the most pertinent and most significant contemporary issue in the entire globe. Today, the world is currently under the threat of global warming. Its challenging nature can never be over emphasized neither can the world‟s vulnerability to its effect be argued. Experts contend that the various manifestations of climate change occur in many ways than one. These include average global temperatures, which have increased by 0.8 centigrade since 1990; the last decade was the warmest year on record in the southern hemisphere.Effects of climate change are numerous including declining agricultural productivity, insecure harvest, rising product prices, reduced productivity of farm labour, increasing tendency of feeding on spoiled food items, increasing risk of dehydration, reducing milk yield in dairy farms and these short comings have far- reaching negative effects on human health and existence.Global warming could be referred to an increase in the average temperature of the earth‟s atmosphere especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climate change. It can also be caused by gaseous discharges from industries, indiscriminate and open burning of waste, bush burning, burning of fossil fuels, use of defoliants, crude oil spillage, gas flaring, indoor cooking, emissions from generators, mining activities, exploitation of energy for domestic(use of charcoal, fuel, wood, pole). Major air pollutants include Cox, Nox, particulates H2s, CFCs, Hcfcs, Dixons and furans. As a result of these emissions from generators, mining activities, the ozone layer is gradually losing its potency and this has led to an increase heat of radiations from the sun on the earth, which is called global warming. Other results of these emissions apart from dangerous changes in weather patterns including flooding, which has become unprecedented in history, persistent rise in sea level, alarming rate of desertification, gully erosion, crop failure and a number of other negative impacts.These are the modern day plagues threatening the very existence of humanity unless Government and the people address them squarely urgently institute drastic and urgent measures, except that all humans will eventually become vagabonds. In a keynote address on the ministry of environment‟s 2nd summit on climate change.Fashola states that:“There will be threat to global food supply and even the legal order as we know it today about immigration control and border securities may give way to anxious, displaced and angry millions of refugees who will be in an uncontrollable race in search of safety and survival.”Climate change model projection summarized I the latest intergovernmental panel of climate change (IPCC) reports indicates that global surface temperature is likely to rise a further 1.1 to 6.40 centigrade (2.0- 11.50f) during the 21st century. However, warming is expected to continue beyond year 2100 even if emissions stop; because of the large heat capacity of the ocean and long life time of carbon- dioxide (Co2) in the atmosphere.Today, most National Governments have signed and ratified the Kyoto protocol aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.Radio help to enhance people‟s general knowledge by providing them with information from all over the world. It is also the fastest means of passing information. Its portability cannot be over emphasized. Radio serves as the best means of speedy spread of news about important incidents or events taking place. What has happened in the remotest corner of the world can reach within minutes. Hence, there is need for this research to find out the impact of Radio Nigeria Enugu awareness campaign on the people of Emene Community.

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