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       Health is the most ingredients of life, deny man of that, he re impotent in life people do not value their life or state of health until they have experience of one form of sickness.

       However, as it is being said that health its wealth, issues of how overwhelmed our daily comment since revolution of science.

       According to records sickness of various kinds has and angering the life of various citizen of Nigeria before, during and after the colonial masters.

       On the other hand the management of environment health in Nigeria at its least foundational stage, has carryout various programmes of heaths issues in Nigeria through the effort of the media.

       Nevertheless, communication came and persisted in its function to entrance philosophers and seventieths quest to standardize the health welfare of people. Communication make the people changes in their health environment. Health issues has embraced a new and prosperous era in the society.

1.1  Background of the Study

       Considering the legerity of plants early philosophers get worried on the quick passing away of animal. At a time the referred death as a “cheat on nature that come whenever it nil”.

       However, since emerged in enthusiasm to discover and subdue human problem it is true that science is a discipline that is anchored in the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge in the ability to question the nature of being and critical investigation of cause and effect.

       Between 1500 – 1500, there was radical scientific revolution. The wish and determination to discover science by man rise as a result of conflict noticed between different belief and attempt. By man to achieve an improved environment status. Economic necessity and the need to wise out ignorance improved health condition and the craze for knowledge propelled the growth of science though historic perspective.

       Besides, in 1960’s and 70’s Nigeria due to the ignorance on  health issues the management of environmental health were tortured by the people transmitted disease like.

       Gonorrhea, during the period over 20,000 citizen especially the children between one to ten years cost their livers it in because people in the rural areas dwell more on roots and herbs, with little or no precaution. These threaten the health of the nation and then pushed the country for campaign and may be relieve on these predicaments.

       Furthermore the management of environment on health has warn against sexual transmitted disease like acquire immune efficiency syndrome (AIDS) the disease is recently recognized throughout the world. Consequently benefit of immunization programme cannot be over emphasized at present, children, youth and even people of all ages are receive from contaminated disease media has carryout many health campaign activities in order to prevent or minimize health’s problem in Nigeria.

1.2         Statement of Research Problem

       Media in a good medium of information distribution there are lots of things occurring around us in our local areas in our country and the world at large. People of different calibers because of aware of the important events when they time their television or radio to hear the news, through the media, the management of environment on health issue  in Nigeria has make life more happy even when you are confuse matters of environment around you, you can infirm the management through the media.

       The media is a medium of education and it helps in the integration of environment health in Nigeria.

       There are enough of the primary roles which media is suppose to perform on the management of environmental health in the society but over the years it has been faced the problem that have hinder performing up to the required expectation of the society.

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