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          The knowledge you are about to learn is a serious combination of an engineering trend. And have something to do with the ALTERNATOR.

            Here, we make use of a D.C .Motor (direct current motor), and it has two terminals. This D.C.Motor, have the capacity to generate 12volts and be use for practical alternating current. Alternating current is a voltage of like said 220volts - 240volts.  All this simple generator generally known as “I better pass my neighbor” can be use for this practical engineering experiment.

            What we have here is what we refer as a stator winding (i.e the generator coil). The stator winding have a three various outputs, it have the A.C. output, which the red wire gives us the positive, and the black wire gives us the negative. The capacitor wire, which can be any color, usually yellow in most generator and the diode wire, also can be any color but usually green in most generator.

            If you don’t connect this winding to our capacitor, we wouldn’t be able to have our 220V- 240V. the green wire serve as the charging system and  is going to be connected to our 12V battery. The voltage of the battery(12V) must tally with the capacity of the D.C.Motor (12V, for tiger generator) you are using. The green wire can be connected to our Diode. Then from the diode, you supply current directly back to the battery. The car battery can be 12Volts 45AMPERE, 60 AMPERE, 75AMP or 100 AMP or 120 AMP. Just note that the ampere is the strength of the battery and the amount of current it can produce and regulate. Make sure that the battery capacity tallies with that of the D.C.Motor.

            We have what we know as ARMATURE, some people call it rotor and a lot of road side electricians call it AMURTURE. This armature from the supply of the D.C. Motor to the stator winding, immediately you pass current to the armature, there will be an interaction between the field (magnetic field) that have been created in the stator winding and the armature. The armature will be rotating inside the stator winding, a magnetic field will be created between the stator winding coil and the coil of the armature, thereby bring out energy. The energy can come in form of Direct Current, or can come in form of Alternating current, it all depends on the capacity of the alternator.

            Now, what we usually use in Nigeria, is a system of Alternating current, which is from 220V to 240V and if we are able to produce a D.C with the combination of the alternator, it gives us an alternator and it gives us a result of 220V to 240V, that means the area of using fuel, will be off completely, because the battery will serve as our fuel.

           We also have a crank shaft cut off. We decided to cut off one side of the shaft of crank shaft of pestle and rings, so that we can drill a hole in it, which goes directly to the D.C. motor and it connects the alternator. So, that gives us the combination of D.C. Motor and alternator.

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