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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Prior to the invention of modern medications, infectious disease were generally incurable, and treatment was limited to treating the symptoms of the disease sexually transmitted diseases has been known for hundred of years, but as we enter a new millennium, age old problems of the infectious disease continue to plague us. Very many have been eliminated, examples are syphilis and Tuberculosis. Overcrowding, environmental degradation, poverty often inflate these disease. Many of these diseases may have arisen in the context of modern social trends. Perhaps the most frightened is the HIV and herpes disease unknown before the last eight decades of the twentieth century. This currently incurable virus has already infected more than 80% of the ordinary young adults population in parts of the sub-Saharan African an is rapidly spreading especially in the poorer and more socially unstable part of the world. However, syphilis is potentially one of the most controllable disease (STD). HIV is not nearly as transmissible as some other STD’s e.g. hepatics or gonorrhea. It is the cofactors of other STDs that largely explain the infectivity and prevalence of HIV. According to the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID) 2005 the prevalence of STDs shows 333 millions cases per annum. Anti-microbial treatment of some STDs is becoming increasingly problematic some strains of gonorrhea and cancerous are now resistant to all anti-biotic generally available in poorer countries. Despite anti-viral agents (and their combination) that have been developed to treat it, the vast proportion of STDs worldwide are not treated at all. This is affected by the cost of treatment.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS This study attempts a critical examination of the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted disease which causes problems like infertility, scarring of fallopian tubes, sterility, heart problems and disorders of the central nervous system, sexually transmitted diseases also causes pelvic inflammatory diseases, which can lead to ectopic pregnancy or the formation of abscesses, cervical cancer, blindness and even death.

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to: Consider factors or means of prevention and treatments of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. Pre-disposed youths to STDs. To assist partners or individuals in these localities discuss their sexual and STD history before having sex and to consider getting tested. To help individuals that are sexually active to understand the symptoms and how they are spread. To help the general population to understand the symptoms and how to diagnose the diseases.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Sexually transmitted diseases is not what can be sign handled, it is hoped that when study is concluded suggestions will be offered to rewards the preventive measures of these disease by viewing some of the factors that propagate sex. This study will also be useful to researchers, scientists in the discovery of the new ways of treating some deadly STDs.

RESEARCH QUESTIONS For the purpose of this study research questions were formulated. Does faithfulness to only one partner whose sexually transmitted disease states has been proved by blood test prevent sexually transmitted disease? Does abstinence from sex if you are single prevent sexually transmitted disease? Does the use of anti-biotic help in the treatment of sexually transmitted disease? Does voluntary counseling and sex education of the youths aid in the prevention of sexually transmitted disease?

SCOPE OF THE STUDY It is not an easy task to go round the nook and cranny of Egor Local Government Area in searching for information due to the fact that biological concept are being modernized as a result of arising discoveries by researchers or scientists or biologist. For one to get recent information there is the need to go on line search via the Internet, which is economically expensive and time consuming. To this end researcher has therefore resolved to study how sexually transmitted disease can be prevented and treated in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State. For example the purpose of this research attention will be focused on youth, traders, civil servants, students of secondary and tertiary institutions.

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