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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1   Background of the study Life without communication would be monotonous and uneventful. Communication gives man the opportunity to interact with others. The great strides that the world has recorded today in the areas of technology, science, medicine, geology, economics, polities, etc, for instance are all due to the impact of communication. Communication is the link between the past, the present and the future. Just as it is impossible for man to do without communication, so it is for an organization. For an organization to be viable, there must be a link within it, between it and other organization (Onyenkwere & Nkoro, 2007). Therefore, the bedrock of any successful organization depends on how effective information and communication are managed at all times. Among the basic tools needed for the effective performance of secretaries in the organization are subtly penchants in art of communication. Secretaries, does with poise, drive and determination in order to be able to function well in an office. She should be able to decide when to communicate, where to communicate, what to communicate with and how to communicate. The efficient and systematic handling of these which include: the receiving and giving out of information, receiving and recording of incoming correspondence, recording and dispatching of outward correspondence preservation of document and other affiliate materials for future reference are generally referred to as information management. Work is all about understanding the information attached to it. When there is effective communication flow between the manager and his staff, works in an organization also flows freely and smoothly, information reaches the workers easier and faster. A good communication and information management leads to effective and progressive business organization. Therefore, secretary, whose inability to converse and relate intelligently with visitors or customers in English language or whose communication skills poor and grossly inadequate creates a poor impression on the mind of the customers about the organization. In view of the cordial relationship that exits between the secretary and the communication that prompted the polytechnic curriculum to include communication in English as a course offered by secretarial students at National Diploma Level, and Higher National Diploma Level. Typewriting and shorthand, which are the core courses in secretarial studies department, house their offshoot from English Language. Thus, an intelligent and effective secretary who handles his/her work with tact and finesse is a good ambassador of her organization. An error free amiable display work sent to another organization will no doubt form a good positive impression on the sender and the organization and invariable serve as a credit to the secretary from whom the work is originated from. According to Titus (2007), secretaries are aided in these tasks by a variety of office equipment and automated system. The impact of office information and communication technology in these functions is to increase the accuracy, speed and efficiency of executing the task element thus, increasing the effectiveness of the secretary and not to eliminate or make the secretary redundant. Business office is a channel by which information flows into, out and around the organization; activities, which are involved in an organization include: receiving, sorting, arranging, recording and transmitting information. Thus, organization is referred to as the coming together of people to carry out certain activities such as production of good and services for accomplishment of certain objective. Therefore, communication is an indispensable element in the running of an organization due to the flow of information within and outside an organization that it vindicates the importance of secretaries with good knowledge of communication. So it is a matter of concern for a secretary to identify and familiarize herself with then type of organization he/she works in respect to mode of communication in use so as enable him function prominently. This has been seen from the fact that each organization has its own system of communication specifically designed to suit the purpose for which it was established. He/she (secretary) should seek to know the hierarchy of an organization and comprehend the proper flow of information acceptable in hi/her organization (Ojuku, 2006). According to Onukaogu (1991), communication can be categorized under two-board heading. These are verbal and non-verbal cue. Under verbal communication cues, they are speech and writing, under non-verbal communication they are eye contract, mouth, posture, etc. verbal communication is referring to the process of transmitting message among individual such as face to face or on the telephone. It can be used during interview of all kinds, in briefing situation, during business and occasion where request are made or instruction given. It is the most common way of passing information within an organization. Public lectures, meetings, workshops, letter writing all, attributing to verbal communication. Non-verbal communication refers to the process of communicating without the use of words, smile, frowns, who sits where at a meeting, the size and the location of an office, how long someone keeps visitor waiting, all these communicates, pleasure, anger, friendliness or distance, power and status. Information could be transmitted internally or externally. This implies that specific information meant for the consumption of people within organization as well as some information for the public. The mode of transmitting information varies from one organization to anther. In fact a vertical communication, horizontal communication, quasi vertical and diagonal communication function in an organization, therefore, the secretary need, to posses implacable knowledge of communication skills becomes a matter of great importance. For that, secretaries should always strive to find ways to meet up or to update his or her communication skills. 1.2   Statement of the Problem Secretaries in an organization are faced with a lot of setbacks and challenges due to lack of effective communication skills, which are needed to meet up with today’s office work. Also constituting problems is inability to meet up with the modern office automation such as computer, electronic communicating system, fax, telephone, etc. In view of the above situation, the problems of the study is therefore to detrrmine the influence of good communication skill on Secretary efficiency in an organization. 1.3   Purpose of the Study The study is aimed at identifying the effect of poor communication skills on performance of secretaries in business organizations Specifically, the study sought to  Determine the effect of good communication skills on secretary perrformance. Determine the effect of method of communication used by the organization. Determine the contribution of secretary good communication skill to the organization Determine the effect of communication process and information technology.

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