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The study was designed to ascertain the availability, adequacy and utilization of physical education teaching resources in public secondary schools in Enugu State. Specifically the study determined to find out the available physical education teaching resources – facilities, equipment and supplies in secondary schools in Enugu State, the adequacy of the available resources and the utilization of such resources. The descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The population for the study comprised 275 secondary schools and 470 physical education teachers in public secondary schools in the State. The proportionate random sampling technique was adopted in the study and a sample size of 35 secondary schools and 103 physical education teachers were drawn for the study. Two instruments were developed and used for the study. The Availability and Adequacy of Physical Education Resources Check list (AAPERC) and the Utilization of Physical Education Resources Questionnaire (UPERQ). The instruments were validated by experts in the Department of Health and Physical Education University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Cronbach Alpha statistics was used to test the reliability of the instruments. The reliability coefficient of the three instruments are .80, .50, and .60 respectively. A 100% return rate was recorded after the administration of the questionnaire. The data were computed using SPSS. Chi-square and analysis of variance were used to analyze the data. (ANOVA). The findings of the study indicated that of all the physical education teaching facilities only soccer fields are available in all the schools. However more than half of the schools have volleyball courts, basket ball courts and athletic tracks and fields. On physical education equipment and supplies only whistles are available in all the schools studied; other items that are available in most of the schools include soccer balls, hand balls, volley balls, and basket balls. Most of the schools also have relay batons, javelin and shot put. The result of the study indicates that of all the physical education facilities, equipment and supplies, only soccer field are adequate in the schools. Physical education equipment and supplies that are adequately utilized in the schools are soccer balls, volley balls, relay batons, javelin, shot put, measuring tape and first aid box with the materials. Of all the factors investigated only inadequate time allotment was found to be affecting the utilization of physical education teaching resources in the schools. Based on the results, it was recommended that workshops be organized for principals of secondary schools and physical education teachers on the need to construct physical education facilities in the schools and procure the equipment and supplies. Adequate time should also be allotted to physical education instructional programme in the school time table.

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