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The problem of lack of efficient means of communication traced from the punitive age, when drums and gongs were the means of sending sound signals had appear to defar solutions.  Yet, it has been under continuous modification and improvement.

Whistle, flute, trumpet and some other sound instruments succeeded the era of ordinary drum.  They were then seen as better instrument for communication between two persons or groups of people.  All these geared towards finding a better and more convenient means of sending sound signals, manually operated mechanical bell signal stroke bell, continuous ring bell, tremble bell and later, electronic bell indicator was sequentially invented as a result of technological improvement.

However, the electronic bell indicator is an electronic device used as a mean of communication in large organizations such as big hotels, guest houses, hospitals etc.

The communication process is between the guest and the receptionist.  For instance, if a guest in room one needs the attention of the receptionist, he will press the button or switch in his room and immediately the bell will ring to alert the receptionist, and the bulb will light in the receptionist’s office to indicate the particular room his/her attention is needed.


          We carried out this research project improve the weaknesses described in the system above.  The project is all about the design, construction and operation of an electronic bell indicator system.  It was triggered by the need to have a new system as a better answer to communication problem being faced by guest in big hotels and guest houses.  Therefore, we have compact the bulky system which has been in use in big hotels to a smaller model there by making it possible and easy to get for use in smaller complexes.

          When the bigger circuit of an electronic bell indicator system is in place, a guest who probably stays at the fourth floor of a hotel needs the attention of the receptionist, all he requires to do is to press the bell push or switch in his room the receptionist at his desk on the ground floor will know that his attention is needed at that particular room of the floor.  He will know this because the bell rings and the indicator bulb of the room number from which the bell was pressed lights on.


Since each of the sound signal instruments mentioned above discovers atom of inefficiency in the already improvement existing one before it, a chain of technological improvement flows.  Taking example from the signal stroke bell, as the name implies, this bell was not given enough credit because it could only produce a knock.  The continuous ring bell on the other hand was problematic in the sense that it needed a separate mechanical control.  A tremble bell was however, designed to balance those mentioned shortcomings.  With the tremble bell in service, a need to have the bell ring accompanied by an indicator light arose to further solve the communication problem as narrowed to bell system.  Indicating the direction of sound signals where there are multidirectional of signal source possible in the bell system because it is a good answer to communication barrier.

Having this assumption in mind, an electronic bell indicator was designed.  This system has been in use mostly in big hotels.  One of its weaknesses right from invention is that when the bell button or switch is pressed and released, the bell and the indicator light always goes off immediately.  When  this happens, the need of the guest will not be solved because the receptionist will not be able to locate the room where his/her attention is needed.


          More importantly in the electrical system once the bell button has been released, both the bell and t he light goes off.  This problem has been solved in our deisgn of the electronic bell indicator system.  We constructed it such that when the bell is activated and it rings, the bulb will remain on for some time before it goes off even if the circuit has been deactivated.  The essence of the light remaining on for few minutes is in case if the receptionist is not paying attention to the indicator light, or that he/she is some where near by, he would still have enough time to see where his service is needed.  In our construction, the bell goes off first then the light goes off some seconds later.  The reason of this delay is to ensure that the immediate need of the guest will be met.


          In a very big hotel, indicator light system are wired from each room down to the reception room.  but, for our project, we have chosen an idnciator system for four room as a model.  Unlike the popular electrical system which is bulky, expensive, unreliable to some extent.  We have designed and constructed an electronic bell indicator which has the advantage of more efficiently reliability and compatibility.  This means that the space occupied by the electrical system has been minimized.

          However, this development renders this project incapable for use in a very big complex due to the smallness of the circuit and the power output/rating of some of the components that are used.

Multiplying value and number of some of the components of the circuit and increasing the power input will still solve this problem.  Meanwhile, power failure from the electricity source in use limits the use of the system.

Delivery: Within 48 hours

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