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Many authorities have contributed immensely to the success of defining public relations. According to Jerkins (1985), defines public relations as the deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics.

According to International Public Relations Institute (IPRI) has in this regard offered this all embracing definition of public relations as a management function of a continuing and planned character through which public and private organizations and institutions seek to win and retain the understanding, sympathy and support of those with whom they are or may be concerned by evaluating public opinion about themselves in order to correlate as far as possible their policies and procedure to achieves by plan and wide spread information more productive cooperatives and more efficient fulfilment of their common interest.

The concept of public relations is one of the fundamental principles in industrial relations, marketing and image building of corporate organizations, institutions of learning, government and individual interest.

Cutup, et al. (1985:4) posits that public relations is “the management function that identifies, establishes, and maintain mutually beneficial relationship between organization and the various public on whom its success or failure depends. 

Bernays who is considered the founding father of modern public relations along with Ivy Lee in the early 1990s defines public relations as a “management function which tabulate public attitude , defines the policies, procedures and interest of an organization… followed by executing a programme of action to earn public understanding and acceptance.

According to Roger Hayward as quoted by Adegoke (2001) public relations is the propagation of the personality of the organization. This states the importance of communication between the organization and its publics.

Roger Hayward’s definition has something to do with the British Institute of Public Relations definition because both stated the duty of public relations officers in promoting, projecting and representing the organization and at the same time relating with the public’s of the organization both the internal and external public.

Public relations project the management personality of which the public relations department represents, through their activities with the use of their perspective tools (i.e. Print and electronic media).

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines public relations as:

a distinctive management function which helps to  establish and main mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and operation between an organization and its public”

The international public relations association of Mexico in North America defines public relations as

“the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organisations’ leaders and implementing planned programmes of action which serve both the organisation’s public interest.”

It is obvious that the work of Public relations is needed in almost in every society, organisation, both the profit and non-profit organisation, to include higher institution of learning (universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and other colleges). In fact, individual in the society also need the service of public relations especially those individuals that are profession or expert such as musician, athletes, politician e.t.c .   

To this end, the research examined the use of public relation practice in government institution using a case study of Isin Local Government, Kwara State. In this research PR efforts and usefulness shall be revealed especially as it helps in building and enhancing communication in the grass-root. 


This research has observed that in so many organizations, management neither recognizes nor appreciate public relations efforts. The management, individuals, or government institution does not realize the potential of public relations activities in building and enhancing a good image for the success of the institution. It has been observed that the management’s attitude is lukewarm and non-challant towards public relations department or unit and it activities.

Besides, they don’t want to spend money on its activities such as organizing seminars, workshops, symposium e. t. c

Therefore, this study will examine the impact of public relations in enhancing the use of public relation practice in government institution (A case study of Isin Local Government, Kwara State)


         i.             To study the impact of public relations in Isin local government Ibadan.

        ii.             To examine if public relations has helped Isin Local government in building and maintaining a mutual understanding between the council top   management and its various publics.

      iii.             To find out some of the problems facing public relations in Isin Local government Ibadan.

       iv.             To find out whether public relations unit of Isin local government, Ibadan has improved the reputation of the council.

        v.             To find out the techniques which has been successfully employed by Public Relations in Isin Local Government in  advancing the interest of the government.

       vi.             To know the medium used by the public relations officers in achieving the goals of the Local Government.


         i.             What are the impacts of public relations in Isin local government Ibadan?

        ii.             How has public relations helped Isin Local government in  building and maintaining a mutual understanding between the council top   management and its various publics?

      iii.             What are the problems facing public relations in Isin Local government, Ibadan?

       iv.             Has Public relations unit of Isin local government, Ibadan improved the reputation of the council?

        v.             What public relations techniques has been successfully   employed by Isin Local Government in advancing the interest of       the government?

       vi.             What are the medium used by the public relations officers in achieving the goals of the Local Government?

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