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Abortion is the loss of pregnancy due to the premature exist of the product of conception, (the foetus, fetal membrane, and plancenta)from the uterus due to any cause. (Willianms C., 2018)

Abortion may be spontaneous  (termed as miscarriage) or it may be medically induced.

The miscarriage of three  or more  consecutive pregnancies is termed habitual abortion or recurrent pregnancy loss.

The word abortion is often used when talking above induced termination of pregnancy .

When the feotus can survive outside the womb after a similar procedure to this is carried out, we refer to such cases  as late termination of  pregnancy.

According to Raymond; EG; and gross man in 2014 abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus.

According to kulier, 2011, modern  method use medication or surgery for abortion. The drug mifepristone in combination with prostaglandin appers to be as safe and effective as surgery during the fisrt and second trimester of pregnancy.

Birth control such as the pill or intra uterine devices can be used immediately following abortion.(knapp, N 2013). When performed legally and safety, induced abortion do not increase the risk of long term mental  or physical problems, ( LO,h,PA,2014).

In contrast unsafe abortion causes about 47000 dealths & 5million hospital admission each year in developing countries. (Lorch PA, 2014).

Abortion is the expulsion of the offspring in a state of development from the womb between one to seven months of pregnancy (4 weeks – 28 weeks) which is giving birth before the right time. In most cases of abortion it is referred to as miscarriage of birth. Abortion should be considered as a lifesaving situation due to illness (threatening). But however it is being practice at will due to societal changes and operations. It is a situation where life is being tempered and it is becoming too dangerous and threatening to the life of the mother.

Abortion is also a form of removing pregnancy from the womb either by taking pills (medical abortion) which involves taking medicines to cause where the pregnancy is removed from the womb basis which means you do not need to stay at a clinic overnight. Every year almost twelve thousand (12,000) teenage girls have abortion (Bpas 2019).

Abortion consists of two types which are the PILLS AND SURGICAL abortion. The pills abortion is used after 9 to 24 weeks of pregnancy which involves taking of medicines to cause the womb to contract and push the pregnancy. Also from 22 weeks after which the pregnancy is push out and an injection to the womb is given such injections are given to ensure the homeostatic balance of the uterus. However a checkup visit to the clinic is also required.

Surgical abortion is the dilation and evacuation of the fetus which takes up to 15-24 weeks of the pregnancy. In surgical abortion the doctors are required to remove the pregnancy using narrow forceps passed through the neck of the womb. This form of abortion is carried out under general anesthetic conditions (asleep).

In surgical abortions one of can visit the clinic and return home the same day of abortion (for pregnancy up to 20 week). (Bpas2017).

Abortion is obviously increasing and identical as a problem in so many ways, it destabilizes the teenager’s educational career as useful member of society. She is stigmatized by the society and in the long run returns the girl into a prostitute. Another major incidence of pregnancy and abortion is the socio-cultural background of people within Idah local community. This is attributed to the orientation or beliefs which subjected the girl child to early hawking at a very tender age of about nine to ten years (9-10). These inappropriate exposures make her vulnerable as well as the deceitfulness of irresponsible young boys and old men, usually compromise with her innocence.

It is a common fact that the problem of pregnancy and abortion on girl child education in our secondary schools is spreading in our communities  and this need to be eradicated or reduced in the local government  in other words to solve this problem the parents and teachers should mould their children to be better adults.

The government should introduce sex education in our secondary schools, and tertiary institutions and introduce relevant academic curriculum in order to reduce the cases of unwanted pregnancy.

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