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  • Background of the study

Our systems, processes, and communication methods seem to be moving at light speed. Old models and outdated modes of operation are no longer working the way they once did. And, because of all that, our would needs more successful leaders.

The opportunity and responsibility falls on each of us to become “21ist century leaders” that challenge the status quo and show a new way to move throughout the world. To be successful, life-giving, and conscientious leader in the 21ist century is going to require us to master 7 key attributes, A 21ist century leader will be servant leader, strong teller, collaborator, innovator, Daredevil, Adaptable, global citizen.

Leadership expectation of pastors and elders are often unrealistic and not centered on what leadership is really about. Too often people confuse a strong, willed personality as an effective leader, leadership is not being strong- willed, rather having a strong sense of purpose that’s cantered upon God.

The church of our Lord needs leaders not petty instigators there are too many churches that substitute a petty person for a godly person and see no distinction, because the people who put them in power do not know the difference.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The 21ist century church is confronted and played with myriad of problems and challengers, none of the characteristics will work unless a foundation maturity and Godliness is the foundation of the leaders, without a growing love relationship with Christ you will have conflict and strife and be running nursery for adults instead of the church for Christ if we choose not to grow and live for our Lord, then we are choosing to live for ourselves. So prepare yourself to be a baby- sitter in a nursery, who constantly puts out fires of hurt feeling and misdirected expectations causing all kinds of problems, all leading away from the call of Christ.

You will not be able to function as a leader, but will be functioning as a bitter, frustrated, unfulfilled, immature individual. And l do mean individual, because you will be doing it alone. Without the support of the spirit and of our Lord because you will be acting contrary in the his call and moving forward in the direction of your our will.

1.3    Purpose of the Study                                             

  1. At the end of this research work, church leaders should be able to integrate and apply the 11 principle of leadership characteristics for proper functioning of the 21st century church or the local church.
  2. The 21st century church will realize the central and critical role of effective Christian leadership and assign a proper place and function to the same in the church.
  3. The church (the Body of Christ)will experience growth, strength and development in the area of leadership.
  4. The study will therefore check-meet various issues involved in the study how christen leadership has effected administrative structure of church growth and development.

1.4     Research Questions

  1. Why do many leadership styles, but little leadership?
  2. Is anything wrong with the style of leadership used in church?
  3. Does the Bible have any leadership style for the church?


The hypothesis formulated for this study includes the following;

Ho:  There is no relationship between effective leadership in the church development.

H1:    There is a significant relationship between effective leadership and church development.

1.5     Scope and limitation of the Study

Three selected churches in Anambah metropolis were used for the research work there are, Bible base miracle Assembles, Assemblies’ of God church and grace of God mission churches.

1.6     Significance of the Study

The study will equip the church to produce a more mature, healthy and happy and sound Christian when critical challenges and issues are properly handy through the basic principles of the Christian effective leadership instrument, the church will experience unprecedented growth, members will be more for Christ, like, more heavenly minded and more useful to God. The effective Christian leadership training will make individuals, families and members of the church able and better equipped to make right decision and know their purpose.

1.7     Major Assumptions

  1. Leadership is contextual and is influenced by culture:  The nature of leadership depends to a great extent on the situation. Therefore, leadership can take different forms in different places and at different time.

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