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ABSTRACT Drug abuse among youths in Nigeria has been a problem to the youths and the society in General. The consequences of drug abuse are not only on the individual user but also on his or her offspring, family and the society. This work is expected to create awareness, expose and provide useful information to people especially to the Nigerian youths on the effects of drug abuse and the challenges for the Nigerian churches towards drug abuse in Nigeria. Chapter one is an introductory chapter. It discusses the usefulness of drug in the life of a living thing and how it is being abused in Nigeria by the youths. The second chapter reviews the works of authors on drug abuse. The third chapter explains much about drug. There are a lot of substance like alcohol, cannabis, heroine etc and most of them were discussed including their abuses, uses, effects, causes of drug abuse etc. Chapter four discusses the challenges for the Nigerian churches on drug abuse in the Nigerian society. In this chapter, the researcher dwelt on what the church should do to control or stop drug abuse in Nigeria. If the Nigerian youths should stop abusing drugs, they will be useful to themselves, their families and the society in general. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Drugs are commonly used by everybody whether young or old. Drugs are not only useful for human beings; they are also useful for animals for good health. Human beings give drugs to their animals when they discovered that they are not healthy. Drug is an effective substance in the life of any living thing to cure sickness and to make life healthy. It is true that drugs are used for beneficent therapeutic purposes, effective substance for good health, but they are being abused by people especially youths. They use it illegally and unlawfully, thus it becomes harmful to the body. The impact of drug abuse among Nigerian youths has been considered a moral decadent. Drug abuse has made the face of the Nigerian youths rough and brought shame to our society. The Nigerian youths are deliberately using drugs illegally, unlawfully and intentionally. Many of our youths ignorantly or knowingly depend on one drug or the other for their daily activities. According to the statistics provided by World Health Organization (WHO), drug including alcohol and tobacco, have caused a lot of road accidents and have claimed more lives than other sicknesses suffered by mankind. As International Drug Trafficking is gaining strength, the international cooperation against drug trafficking is steadily loosing strength and lacking organization. The report from world narcotics has shown that confiscation level has fallen below 10 percent of the global circulation level of drug international mortality figures for drug abuse have tripled since 1988. In the United States, medical emergencies coming from cocaine taken rose by 1000 percent between 1976-1993, in the case of the heroine by 6 percent from 1988-1993 and by 155 percent in the case of cannabis. Cocaine addicts between the age of 12 and 17 increased by 166 percent from 1994-1995 in various countries. Drugs are being abused everyday. In Nigeria, this issue of drug abuse has been a serious concern for the society. Youths have taken to drug abuse. In recent times, the rate at which youths abuse drugs have been so alarming and worrisome that much effort have been made to eradicate it. As the youths are abusing drugs, the effort being made to eradicate it is losing strength. Drug abuse and addiction have a destructive or devastating consequences but our youths are still into drugs. “Not only that it destroys the affected individual but it has a pervasive effect on all those who know or work with the individual (Barber, 1967:85). Drug addiction is a tragedy in our Nigerian society. 1.2 Statement of Problem Drug abuse among youths in Nigeria is now a common phenomenon. Females are not exempt in this evil act. A recent research shows that 15-20 percent of drug addicts are females while males constitute about 50-55 percent, all comprising of traders, students, unskilled workers and the unemployed as shown by a retrospective study carried out by NDLEA (Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency). Drug abuse has contributed in the set back of the society. Inspite of this, many youths do still indulge in it. In many psychiatric hospitals in Nigeria, many of our youths are there undergoing drug treatment. The number of the youths that are insane are more than old people that are insane and youths insanity is mostly caused by drug abuse. Some youths are school drop-outs because they could not continue due to the rate of drug they have taken that resulted to their insanity. A lot of lives and property have been wasted in accident and violence because of drug. Youths that are supposed to be the hope of their families and the society at large and useful to themselves have wasted their lives, all because of drugs and it has been a serious problem in Nigeria.

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