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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Theatre has become more popular over the years. It is generally known to people as a building designed for the performance of plays, dances, etc. In our institution today where there is Theatre Art Department some of their output works in theatre industries, while some are independent, although the words theatre and drama are often used interchangeably. Theatre is not inherent in drama only rather it encompasses the words and actions of our everyday activities. Therefore, the Theatre Arts Departments need good management practices in order to enhance their work for the benefit of their student. The theatre manager must be sensible enough to create and maintain the effective running of the industry with the help of his colleagues. Theatre arts has a lot of impacts on national development due to the great influence that drama has in the society people get to learn one or two things mostly in drama performance.

Statement of the Problems The University base Theatre or Theatre in the Academics is a microcosm of the Theatre Arts practice in our society, furthermore, it is the basis of theatre practices in the larger society because the institution trains the practitioners. However, as relevant as the Academics Theatre due attention has not been given to it; specifically in the area of the Management of their Theatre. It is against this backdrop this project will therefore examine the role of the theatre manager, function of management, and importance of the Academics Theatre specifically FUOYE Theatre Art Department. This study shall look at the managementtheory, application, and effect in an organization, theatre industry most especially FUOYE Theatre Art Department. Purpose of the Study This research is designed to examine the challenges facing the department of theatre and media arts in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti state. The purpose of this is to draw out its managerial effectiveness in Appling the principles of management in the Department. It is also meat to proffer solutions to the challenges at hand. Significance of the Study This research is significant because it will serve as a means of guideline to the manager or director in an organization and also draw the government attention for assistant in our institution at large.

The Scope of the Study The scope of this research encompasses and it confined to the effective management of the department of theatre and media art Oye Ekiti.

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