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1.1     Background of the Study

Most schools in the past in the Atisbo local government area of Oyo State were voluntary agency schools. As at that time, there was a high degree of discipline in schools. There was harmony. Principals, Teachers and students demonstrated awareness of their responsibilities in the schools.

More so Muslim parents and teachers shared the same view of student’s desirable behavior. The quality of the school system as regards discipline was very high up till the end of the Nigerian civil war in January 1970.


Islam is a religion of discipline (Friday speech delivered by Imam Muhammed Baianonie at the Islamic center or Raleigh, NC on June 9, 2000). The regulation of man's conduct within one system of life is one of the most important reasons for success and stability. The absence of this regulation is one of the greatest crises a man suffers from in his life. This happens when a man is left without guidance from Allah (S.W.T) or without proper upbringing based on divine guidance. Under these circumstances, man’s life becomes miserable on this earth and will be amongst the looser in the Hereafter.

The noble Quran narrates the history of some past nation as well as individuals that were blessed not only wealth but with physical strength, they refused to live their lives according to the regulations of Allah (S.W.T). they were destroyed with their wealth, this happening in the contemporary period, and sure it will happen in the future until the day of judgment.

Among Allah’s mercy (S.W.T) is that He left no man without a system to regulate his conduct and behavior. So, He sent legislation to make man’s life best on this earth so that he will be happy here and in the Hereafter. Allah (S.W.T) says in the Glorious Quran, Surat At-Takwir (verse 27 and 28), which is translated as “verily this (the Quran is no less than a reminder to all the Alamin (mankind) and (Jinn’s), to whosoever among you wills to walk straight. Allah (S.W.T) mandate on His prophet (S.A.W) as well as the believers to be discipline and forbid on them transgression says as in SuratHuod (verse 112). “So, stand (O Muhammed), firm and straight on Islam as you are commanded and those who are with you (your companions) and do not transgress’……………IbnAbass (R.A) said “there was no verse in the Quran harden on the prophet (S.A.W) then this verses” for this reason, when the companions of the prophet (S.A.W) said why “Your hair is getting gray early” he replied “Surat Hood and his sisters made my hair gray.


Imam Muslim reported that a man said o the messenger of Allah, tell me something of Islam which I will not ask anyone else about it. He (S.A.W) said, “say I believe in Allah and then be steadfast”. Imam An-Nawawi said “This Hadith is one of the great on the statement that Islam is based on.” To be steadfast is to abide by Islam and it is a high degree that shows the complete belief and great strength. Umar (R.A) said “steadfast is enjoining what is good and forbidden what is evil and not deceit like the deceit of the fox”. This means discipline according to the Islamic code. Islam teaches us how to regulate our behavior and conduct in all aspects of the religion. This includes regulation in the Islamic creed (Aqeedah), worship (Ibadah) and human relations (Muhammad).

In the Islamic creed (Ageedah), we must believe what Allah (S.W.T) requires us to believe without additions, deletions or changes. In Ibadah, Islam teaches us to perform Ibadah, Islam did not leave the Ibadah to be performed according to someone’s whims and desires. The person cannot worship Allah (S.W.T) in whichever way he wants. This is the best discipline. The prophet (S.A.W) says to pray” He also said” Take from me your rituals of Hajj” Islam also clarified to us the rules of Zakah, fasting, and Salat which is a frequent Ibadah, one that is performed five (5) times a day, we will find to be a set of specific acts that were handed down to us from the prophet (S.A.W). Prophet (S.A.W) regulated his actions and stay away from the chaos so, it is a must on all of us, (old, young, parents, children, male and female) to be discipline and our conduct is to be regulated and also to call others to do the same in order to keep one away from acts of indiscipline and failure.


Discipline according to Shukla (2005) is a treatment or training, often punishment, to control behavior. Adeyanju (2002) opened that discipline is a system of guiding the individual to make reasonable and responsible decisions. There are two basic types of discipline. Self-discipline or self-imposed discipline externally imposed discipline. The purpose of Academic discipline are to facilitate and enhance the attainment of the goals of the school, create a conducive environment for the teaching-learning process, produce bread of civilized and well cultivate children who will develop self-respect and for the society at large, produce upright loyal and respects citizen, it helps individuals to do what is right and good at all times without compulsion, facilitate the creation of a society in which the people freely learn and applies the norms principles and ways of society.

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