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Nowadays, infidelity is the most important reason of divorces. Based on research reports, 90% of all divorces involve infidelity (Igyeseh 22). Infidelity is the major concern and problem in Christian marriages. In every relationship, fidelity is held in high esteem while infidelity is not acceptable, rejected and frowned at, at all levels. The intimate union between a man and a woman demands fidelity and unbreakable tie between them. Infidelity is a violation of this right. Sex outside marriage is disrespect to the right of the other partner over acts capable of generating children.

Infidelity and Christian marriage have been in existence long ago and are characterized by complexities, confusion, problems and difficulties. Marriage during the time of creation and original order was understood as monogamy. Polygamy came in as a result of defect in the desire of man or decadent version of monogamy. It was the dissatisfaction or the desire to fulfill the insatiable nature of man, that polygamy was introduced. From the beginning the scripture says (Genesis 2:21-25), God made them faithful and one but for the desire of what the other may taste like, humanity created infidelity and this is by all standards of a fall on the level of marital morality (Akpan 26-27)


Faithful spouses are sources of blessing to themselves, their children, the church and to society. The situation now is that western civilization with its modernization and globalization such as freedom of abortion, right of prostitution, contraceptives, and many more have poisoned the morality in most families and marital vows are no longer cherished, defended, recognized nor respected.


Infidelity in a Christian marriage can be devastating and is indeed a devastating experience and may lead to divorce and violence. It is a disgraceful memory and reduction of conjugal love reserved to the spouse exclusively. In all times, infidelity has had tragic consequences. These consequences are shared in equal measure by both spouses and children. It does not only cause an inexplicable emotional and psychological suffering to marriage, it creates a host of other problems in the family such as negligence of duty. The unfaithful wife most often loses sight of her union and responsibility to the husband and the husband seems irritating as the sight of human excretal, it is the same with the unfaithful husband. In this regard, less time is given to the children and as a result, their education suffers. Infidelity begins to crawl in when the goals to which an individual got married are not met in the marriage.

Many marriages have gone down the steps of success because of the effects of this problem that is infidelity. All the characteristics that are found in true love are definitely misplaced, scarce, and not inherent when we come to talk about fidelity. It damages the peace in marriage and rends the essential fulcrum of marriage that is togetherness. Infidelity violates the following human conditions, unity, faithfulness, allegiance, loyalty, devotion, piety, and a lot more (Akpan 23).

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