PROJECT TOPIC: The role of agricultural extension in Nigeria

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For almost a century now, Nigeria has been—and still is—in search of a workable and effective agricultural extension system. We have moved from the British type advisory system to different kinds of combinations of approaches and yet the answers have yet to be found. The problems of staff motivation, effective delivery of agricultural inputs, linkage between research and extension and the establishment of confidence in extension amongst farm families remain unsolved.

The position taken in this paper is that the time is now ripe for a change—and a radical one at that. However, the author also holds the view that in doing this a lot could be gained from past experience. The purpose of the paper is, therefore, to examine the various extension management approaches that have been adopted at various times since the institutionalisation of agricultural extension services in Nigeria with a view to identifying their contributions and weaknesses, as well as to making suggestions for a better future.

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