PROJECT TOPIC: The role of educational radio and TV broadcasting on student performance(A study of step up on NTA )

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1.1 Background to the Study Education is one of the key functions of the broadcast media. The fact that it takes the form of any language and combines the power of words and visuals makes it even more potent. Ike (2005) argues that the media contribute a lot to the society, by informing and educating the populace on what they need to know. The broadcast media aids education through educational broadcasting. The post-independence Nigerian government understood that education was the key to a better future for Nigerians, so they strategically used the mass media in educating its citizen. The broadcast media have also developed several educational programmes to enable her serve the interest of programme consumers. These educational programmes have taken different formats. Some come in the form of drama, comedy, music, film and cartoons. These programmes of the broadcast media are used to complement other government or non-government-sponsored programmes. The people are expected to benefit from these programmes. However, the way that they are fashioned can take away the intended learning inherent in the programme. People may be consuming media programmes without noticing that they are expressly being educated. This does not take away the educational function from the media. This is why Nworgu (2016) argued that the broadcast media play the same roles school play as agent of education because schools are formal places for education. The broadcast media play certain roles in positively affecting the educational sector. Harold Lasswell stated this when he drafted the functions of mass media by stating that, “when we inform, we educate” (Laswell, 1948 cited in Nworgu, 2017). The government has tried and is still trying to uplift Nigerian educational sector by investing more in making school environment conducive, providing necessary amenities for learning. However, it has neglected the broadcast media’s role as an agent of education. One of the potent ways the broadcast media can educate the populace is through entertainment education. This is because it allows for the use of entertainment while educating the people. Population Communication International (PCI) media impact (2016) had an insightful slogan: "tell a story, change the World." Human nature appreciates telling and hearing stories, stories that are well told accomplish much in our African setting and are important to the world at large. African culture and history are preserved from generation to generation through story telling. Africans enjoy oral literature.

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