PROJECT TOPIC: Assessment of Tobacco Company Effluent for Radioactivity and other Parameters for Groundwater Around the Company

Project Body:


Twenty (20) groundwater samples, four of which are control samples, comprising of ten (10) borehole and ten (10) locally hand-dug wells were drawn randomly around British America Tobacco Company, Zaria. Some physical parameters: temperature, pH, conductivity and total dissolved solids were measured using thermometer, pH meter and conductivity meter. The samples were analysed for gross alpha and gross beta radiations using MPC-2000-DP (01872140) single channel analyser, a low background alpha and beta detector. The mean temperature, pH, conductivity and total dissolved solids in the water samples were found to be 27.8 °C, 5.1, 393μS/cm and 244.8 mg/l respectively.For practical screening purposes in the case of drinking water, the recommended guideline activity concentrations are 0.1 Bq/l for gross alpha and 1.0 Bq/l for gross beta activity (WHO, 1993; 2003). The gross alpha and beta radioactivity concentrations in the samples showed that the alpha activity varied from (0.007 — 0.133) Bq/l with a mean value of 0.046 Bq/l for borehole samples and (0.002 — 0.285) Bq/l with a mean value of 0.056 Bq/l for well water samples. The beta activity varied from (0.113 — 3.789) with a mean value of 1.627 Bq/l for borehole water samples and (0.001-3.810) with a mean value of 0.887 Bq/l for well water samples respectively. The mean for gross alpha activity and gross beta activity in the sample waters are 0.051±0.003 Bq/l and 1.251±0.091 Bq/l respectively.

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