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  • Background of the Study

The achievement of the organizational goal can only be made possible by co-ordinate efforts. In the early days of primitive commercial activities. Little attention was given to, motivation which affected the performance and productivity of the employees. This led the two factor propounded by Fedrick Herzberg. He pointed out the good feedings; otherwise job satisfaction has to do with factors related job content such as achievement, recognition for achievement, the nature of job itself, responsibility growth and advancement opportunities as satisfiers or motivator. It is not surprise up till now, many business organizations, private or public owned are yet to learn from the past the need for employer motivation while some apply it a bit.

Uwaoma N.C it all (2000:85) defined motivated the comprehensive action taken to induce people to do something to the best of their ability” Meanwhile, this study will therefore help to identify that working condition which does not enhance the performance of the sales force in a business organization using FCT as a case study. They business environment is full of competition and other militating factors and the survival of those firms largely depend on the performance of the sales force. But also, held motivated they are contributes to the success of the firms.      Motivation of employees is very important in an organization; it helps the employees to perform their work carefully and judiciously to the best of their ability. In fact, if they are not motivated, there will be no high productivity; motivation is therefore an act of satisfying economic and social needs by being productive for the human being, economic and society (Onyishi, 2010).

Motivation of employees was established by the bank with the aim of resetting the healthy course of reconstruction, growth and development of the bank, this research is carried out to show how high level of employee’s motivation can affect their performance positively. Incentive to reward good work which happened to be a trial and also a way of boosting staff morale. From banks perspective, a banker’s job is more essential in the growth of the economy, therefore motivation is a necessary tools used in banking sector to motivate their staffs to obtain high productivity and effective management procedures. The effect of motivation or incentive on bank employees was established by the Nigerian banking institution with the aim to reset Nigeria Banking industry on a healthy course of reconstruction growth and development.

It is on record that in 1982 the banking industry had fallen drastically from its peaks due to lack of capacity to embark on such bold policy which goes beyond executive. Certain cosmetics aspect of the problems and motivation of employees will bring about setting the problems and make banking business more effective and efficient.

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