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Background of the Study

          There is no doubt that education is an instrument for national development. It has become an instrument which every country across the globe has adopted for their development. Education tries to groom students in different fields of which science subject (biology inclusive) are part of. Biology as a natural science offers excellent background for various professional studies and competence in effectively relating what is learnt in school to real life outside school (Eryilmaz, 2010).

          It has been acknowledged as a pre-requisite for the study of several courses in the universities. For examples medicine and other applied science courses need biology. Biology education is generally aimed at equipping the individual learner with such knowledge, skills and attitude that will enable them live a meaningful development of the social economic and cultural benefits (NERDC, 2006).

          Science as “a body of knowledge is acquired through systematic and procedural processes bared on tentative observation and experiment”. In the sight of the above, science may be viewed as a way of thinking in the pursuit of understanding nature, a way of investigating and a body of established knowledge.

          Biology as a branch of science is derived from two Greek words; ‘Bio’ which means life and “logo” means study. biology therefore means the study of life or living things. It is the branch of science which investigates the origin, structure, function and distribution of life in all its forms. (Jordan and Verma, 2009).

          Abugu (2007) stated that biology is a natural science in which we study living organisms-plants and animals. Furthermore Iloeje (2011) viewed Biology as the science in which we study living things. Based on the above statement, man lives in a novel world, there are animals, plants, rivers, oceans, deserts, mountains, and so on, round him. Being a curious being, man takes delight in exploring his world, seeks to have a world view of the universe strives to investigate all matter around their origin, nature, characteristics and other features, the inquiry, he asks a lot of questions and in his search for answers to such questions, he needs to be systematic and unbiased.

          Receiving a quality education is an important corner stone in the lives of every individual. It is important that students have the tools they need to be successful tools that include motivation and engagement. For some students, motivation is not always intrinsic. It therefore falls to others to guide student along the path to their own education. As  teachers spend an incredible amount of time with their students over the course of the Year. It is a teacher’s responsibility to foster an inclination for learning. Research has indicates that the relationship between teachers and students is an important predictor of academic engagement and achievement. Infact the most powerful weapon teachers have, when trying to foster a favorable learning climate, is positive relationship with their students.

          A sizeable literature and some other scholarly article suggest that if teachers take the time to build relationships they can motivate their students to learn. Further research also suggests that teachers need to have a strong belief that building relationships are important to the motivation process. There is need to capitalize on there belief for the students benefits. It is important that educators recognize the impact the have on their students and consider strongly their students perceptions of them (Eschanmann, 2009). Teachers have to ensure that they are meeting student’s needs, both academically and emotionally.

          One of the most pure and deeply inspirational relationships is that of a devoted teacher and willing students. Almost everyone has a favorite and those we liked less; it totally depends on how the student teacher relationships were developed, natured and given space to evolve. (Kim Lee, 2016). Aligned with the attachment theory, positive teacher students enable the students to feel secure and safe in their learning environment and provide scaffolding for local and academic skills. However, inability of the teacher to develop and from positive relationship with his/her students serves as one of the factors that influences and hinders the students from performing very well in their academics. For instance, in the area of biology, it is been regarded as the subject for females, just few male have the courage to study this course (biology, it there is no experienced and qualified teacher that can handle and interact with this student they will find it difficult to learn and even concentrate during the course of the study since they have natural hatred for the subject (biology). According to Hughes (2011), teachers may find it challenging to establish positive relationships with students who display on overly confident demeanor. Teachers tend to view students as deliberately non-compliant and are apt to react harshly.

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