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1.1   Background to the Study

The Coca-Cola Company is the world number one maker of soft drink, the firms in the world has been credited to proficiency in these four basic areas! Consumer marketing, infrastructural, production and distribution of product packaging and customer or vendor marketing.

The investor of Coca-cola Dr. John Slyth Pemberton came to Atlanta from Columbus, Georgia in 1968, in 1886 he concocted or makes a mixture of Sugar water Coca leaf and the Kola nut; he added caffeine to the resulting syrup so that it could be marketed. Through his research Pemberton arrival at the conclusion that all the medication was capable of relieving indigestion and exhaustion in addition to being refreshing. According to the history of coca-cola pat waters cited a coca- cola from 1887 which stated that the drink “makes not only a delicious and invigorating – but a valuable brain tonic and a cure for all nervous affection”. The label also claimed that the peculiar flavor of coca-cola delights every Palater, it is dispensed from the social fountain in the same manner as any fruit syrup.

Going through the analysis and history of both organizations it is relevant to not that marketing has been existence since the time of immemorial to this end, information also existed. The only difference with the present day situation is that they are not organized. Marketing information system has been death with by various scholars in the past.

A marketing information system (MIS) can be defined as a system in which marketing information as formally gathered, stored, analyzed and distributed to managers in accordance with their information needs on a regular basis (Jobber, 2007), he explained that marketing information system is a computer based system intended for use by particular marketing personnel at any functional level for the purpose of solving problems that related to marketing of a firms products (goods and services)

The system crates through an understanding of the information needs to the marketing management it is available to supply information when, what, and how the manager require it. Data is taken from marketing environment and transferred into the information that the marketing manager can use in their decision making process. Armstrong (2008) defined marketing information system as people equipment and distributes needed timely and accurate information to marketing decision makers

The MIS begins and with information users marketing manager. Internal and external partners and other who need marketing information first interact with those information users to asses information needs next, it also interact with the marketing environment to develop the needed information through internal company data base, marketing intelligence activities and marketing research

Finally, the MIS helps the user to analyze the information to develop customer insights by making decision able to manager customer’s relationship.

1.2   Statement of the Research Problems

Presently the soft drinkindustry is faced with avery massive competition amongst itself for the attention and patronage of which coca-cola Nigeria limited is not an exception. To achieve the statement of the problems it would be necessary statement pertaining to the marketing information needed by the company to improve its operation. This study is up to the findings out the extent to which coca-cola Nigeria Bottling company has succeeded in influencing its decision making process of this management

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